This article is about a/an list of weapons, vehicles, and other devices in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

The following is a list of all the weapons and vehicles in the Zeo Rangers' arsenal.

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Zeo Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Zeo series page as well as the team page of the Zeo Rangers.

Multi-Use Devices

Zeo Crystal

Main article: Zeo Crystal

The Zeo Crystal is the source of the Zeo Rangers' powers. It was split into five sub-crystals.

Super Zeo Gems


The Five Super Zeo Gems

The Super Zeo Gems gave the Zeo Rangers access to the Super Zeozords. It is unknown who created the gems or how they got into Trey's possession but they could only be activated by the power of the Gold Ranger's Golden Power Staff and immediately began to form the rangers' new zords.


Zeo Power Pod Swords and Zeo Laser Pistol

See also: King Smasher, Battle Stick and King Blaster

It can be combined with other weapons to form the Zeo Blaster.

The Zeo Power Pod Swords are the standard side-weapons of every Zeo Ranger. They were not used as often as the standard power weapons, but were great for attacking lesser monsters. The blade itself is extended from the hilt, and remains inside until the ranger decides to use it. This design also makes the weapon more conventional. The Zeo Power Pod Swords can be combined with the Zeo Laser Pistols to form the Advanced Zeo Laser Pistol.

The Zeo Laser Pistols are the standard sidearm of every Zeo Ranger, and can fire a concentrated beam of red energy at opponents, but, at times, the color beam it fires is dependent upon the color of the Ranger using it. The Zeo Laser Pistols can be combined with the Zeo Power Pod Swords to become the more powerful Advanced Zeo Laser Pistol.

Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Power Weapons

It is noteworthy to add that an enlarged version of each power weapon is utilized by the corresponding Super Zeozord. They are summoned by placing the hand in front of the helmet to materialize. The rangers' weapons also had a power attack for each ranger.

Zeo I Power Disc/Shield

See also: Circle Defenser

Wielded by Zeo Ranger I, Pink. The Disc acts as a shield, and is very durable, but cannot withstand higher level energy blasts for long. It can also be used as a hand to hand weapon. It latches onto the top of the pistol for the Blaster formation.

Zeo II Power Double Clubs 

See also: Twin Baton

Wielded by Zeo Ranger II, Yellow. The Double Clubs act as blunt weapons, but can also be used in a way similar to nunchakus. Only one can attach to the sides of the Zeo laser pistol for the Blaster formation.

Zeo III Power Axes

See also: Delta Tonfas

Wielded by Zeo Ranger III, Blue. The Axes are used for close combat, used in a similar manner to tonfa, but can also be thrown as projectiles. The axes are almost always used simultaneously, but only one is needed for the Blaster formation. A single Axe attaches to the top of the Zeo Power Pod Sword for the Blaster formation.

Zeo IV Power Hatchets

See also: Square Crushers

Wielded by Zeo Ranger IV, Green. The Hatchets can extend to a degree, and like the axes, are always used simultaneously. Only one is used for the Blaster formation, and attaches to the bottom grip of the pistol.

Zeo V Power Sword/Battle Sword

See also: Star Riser

Wielded by Zeo Ranger V, Red. The Sword itself is mostly black at the handle with a long blade, and a Red Star emblazoned upon the hilt. It attaches to the gauge at the bottom of the laser pistol. Aside from melee damage, it has been shown to fire an energy beam from the star on its hilt.

Zeo Blaster

See also: Big Bang Buster

The Weapon formed when every Zeo Ranger combines their Power Weapons, along with the Red Rangers Laser Pistol and Power Pod Sword.

Golden Power Staff

See also: King Stick

Main article:Golden Power Staff

Team Cannon

Zeo Cannon

  • Prz-ar-zeocannon

See also: Olé Bazooka

The Zeo Cannon wields the power of all five Zeo Rangers and fires it at the opponent a powerful blast.


Zeo Jet Cycles

See also: Jetter Machines


The Zeo Jet Cycles 1-5.

The Jet Cycles work for the Zeo Rangers the same way as the Shark Cycles did for the Mighty Morphin Rangers, but with a design unique to each color of ranger. They premiered in Episode 7, Every Dog Has His Day, and were used later on whenever the teleportation system was not an option. The Zeo Jet Cycles were created through the combined effort of Billy and Alpha 5. They were destroyed in Rangers of Two Worlds Part 1 in an ambush by Cog Changer.

Defender Wheel

See also: Giant Roller

Defender wheel

Defender Wheel

Traditionally used by Tommy Oliver, the Defender Wheel was developed by Billy Cranston and Alpha 5 as an addition to the Zeo Rangers' arsenal that was stored in Zeozord V when not in use. The Defender Wheel would be launched against a monster with Tommy inside it, generating a powerful burst of energy that could destroy normal-sized monsters. It was used a few times against normal sized monsters and a giant Fortissimodo, but proved to be ineffective, more like a bee sting than anything. Although commonly used by Tommy, Rocky DeSantos once used it against Defector when he blamed himself for allowing the monster to get close enough to the Rangers to attack them. It was also the only time it successfully destroyed a monster.



Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Team Blaster

Team Cannon

  • Zeo Cannon
    • Zeo V Power Cell
    • Zeo IV Power Cell
    • Zeo III Power Cell
    • Zeo II Power Cell
    • Zeo I Power Cell

Other Weapons


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