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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Turborangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Turboranger series page as well as the team page of the Turborangers.

Transformation DevicesEdit

Turbo BraceEdit

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The Turbo Brace is the collective name referring to the Turborangers' two-piece transformation devices.


Strengthening SuitsEdit

The Turboranger strengthening suits are special suits with the motif of the vehicle each of the Turborangers utilize within them. The suits themselves are linked to the five Turboranger's own Fairy Power and derive their powers and their individual colors from the power they each possess.

If the Turborangers are cut off from the fairy power within themselves, then the suits will enter into a "powerless mode", where they retain the same shape but become a completely blank "white" in color. In this mode, their power is drastically reduced even if they can still transform into the suits with the Turbo Brace. While the Turborangers tend to reach this mode when they lose or cut off from their own fairy power, they can also do so voluntarily such as the battle with Hell Painting Bōma.Ep. 3: Boma Castle! The 20,000-Year CurseEp. 38: The Painting of Hell That Devours People

Since anyone with fairy power in themselves can use the Turbo Brace, they likewise gain the strengthening suit associated with the brace.Ep. 43: The Sixth Soldier!


Turbo LaserEdit


Turbo Laser

Turbo Lasers (ターボレーザー Tābo Rēzā): The Turborangers' sidearms that can be used as a laser gun or split into a sword and a laser gun (with the rear upper section when detached transforming into the sword). Using their Turbo Lasers, the five rangers can perform Turbo Laser Plasma Shoot (ターボレーザー・プラズマシュート Tābo Rēzā Purazuma Shūto), in which they use all five lasers to form a plasma ball to kill the opponent. In sword mode, Red Turbo can combine his with his GT Sword, where as in gun mode, Blue Turbo can combine his with his J Gun or Pink Turbo with her W Stick.


GT SwordEdit


GT Sword

GT Sword (GTソード Jī Tī Sōdo): Red Turbo's individual weapon.

T HammerEdit


T Hammer

T Hammer (Tハンマー Tī Hanmā): Black Turbo's individual weapon.

J GunEdit


J Gun

J Gun (Jガン Jei Gan): Blue Turbo's individual weapon.

B BowgunEdit


B Bowgun

B Bowgun (Bボーガン Bī Bōgan): Yellow Turbo's individual weapon.

W StickEdit


W Stick

W Stick (Wステッキ Daburyū Sutekki): Pink Turbo's individual weapon.

Team FinishersEdit

Combination AttackEdit

Combination Attack (コンビネーションアタック Konbinēshon Atakku): An early team attack, involving the Turboranger attacking the opponents in combos; going from Black/Blue, then Yellow/Pink, and finally Red Turbo.

Z BazookaEdit

KST - Z Bazooka

Blue Turbo and Yellow Turbo with the Z Bazooka

Z Bazooka (Zバズーカ Zetto Bazūka): A weapon developed by the Dr. Dazai, that later becomes the prototype of the V Turbo Bazooka. While the cannon was unfinished, Youhei and Shunsuke used it in battle against Yamimaru and Darumaotoshi Bōma, but later its exterior is destroyed immediately after and its remaining power reactor becomes out of control before exploding at a radius of 500 meters one hour later. It is only used in episode 15

V Turbo BazookaEdit


V Turbo Bazooka

V Turbo Bazooka (Vターボバズーカ Bui Tābo Bazūka): The fully-realized Turboranger bazooka after the failure of the Z Bazooka. Its energy source is the Turbo Attacker's V Turbo Engine, which docks inside of the V Turbo Bazooka before firing.


Mach TurbosEdit

Mach Turbos (マッハターボ Mahha Tābo): The motorcycles for each ranger, numbers 01 and 05.

Turbo AttackerEdit

Turbo Attacker (ターボアタッカー Tābo Atakkā): Personal vehicle of Red Turbo, a buggy. An alternate vehicle for Red Turbo when not using a Mach Turbo. The Turbo Attacker is armed with the side-mounted Attacker Vulcans (アタッカーバルカン Attakkā Barukan) and the roof-mounted Attacker Magnum (アタッカーマグナム Attakkā Magunamu). This vehicle is powered by the V Turbo Engine (Vターボエンジン Bui Tābo Enjin), which in mid-term of the series, is the energy source of the deadly V Turbo Bazooka, docking inside of it.


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Transformation DevicesEdit


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