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This article is about a/an list of weapons, devices, and vehicles in Hikari Sentai Maskman.
The Maskman Arsenal
Used by: Maskmen
Ranger Weapon Systems
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Arsenal (Flashman)
Arsenal (Liveman)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Maskmen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Maskman series page as well as the team page of the Maskmen.

Transformation Devices

Masking Brace

Main article: Masking Brace

The Maskmen's transformation device. They call out "Aura Mask!" to transform while Ryo calls out "Change Power!" and doesn't need a Masking Brace.


Masky Suits

The Masky Suits (マスキースーツ Masukī Sūtsu) are suits designed by Commander Sanjuurou Sugata and the Light Squadron for usage by the Maskman. The suits are stored into the Masking Braces and are emitted during the transformation through a wall of light. The electrical part activates the in-built computers, which coexist with a part which is operated by the wearer's Aura Power, thereby doubling the physical capabilities of the user. The display window located on the forehead of the helmets is equipped with an Aura Power indicator, which, as mentioned above, is always displayed in both ear sections on Yellow's and Pink's helmet,which are marked with earrings. A high-tech box (also called Silver Box (シルバーボックス Shirubā Bokkusu)), in the left side of the belt, is equipped to get back the personal weapons by holding up the hand. The suits themselves do not contain any of the Aura Power: that must be created and coated by the Maskman themselves prior to suiting up; however the suits can be used without Aura Power but are typically less powerful due to their empowerment being associated with the energy source. Ep. 2: Strange! The Dark Underground Castle

The original prototype of the Masky Suits was given to Sugata's original Maskman: Ryo Asuka/X1 Mask; this suit has a different mask that gives the appearance of a face as opposed to the standardized helmet and goggles of the standard issue. This suit is an incomplete prototype and is destroyed when Asuka sacrifices himself to help Maskman defeat Magma Doggler. Ep. 39: Revival! The Mysterious X1 Mask


Laser Magnum


Laser Magnum

Laser Magnums (レーザーマグナム Rēzā Magunamu) are the standard sidearms of the Maskmen. They can be used as laser guns or as swords, with the sword mode being detached from the Laser Magnum's grip.

Individual Weapons

Masky Blade


Masky Blade

Masky Blade (マスキーブレード Masukī Burēdo): Red Mask's personal weapon.

In the Philippine Dub, it was called Laser Blade but in the movie from the same dub, it was changed into Maskman Blade.

Masky Rod


Masky Rod

Masky Rod (マスキーロッド Masukī Roddo): Black Mask's personal weapon. It is actually a three-section staff, and can split apart.

In the Philippine Dub, it was called Laser Staff.

Masky Tonfas


Masky Tonfa

Masky Tonfas (マスキートンファー Masukī Tonfā): Blue Mask's personal weapon.

In the Philippine Dub, it was called Laser Tonfas.

Masky Rotor


Masky Rotor

Masky Rotor (マスキーローター Masukī Rōtā): Yellow Mask's personal weapon. It acts as both a heavy-projectile top and yoyo.

In the Philippine Dub, it was renamed as Laser Top but in the movie from the same dub it was changed into Mask Top.

Masky Ribbon


Masky Ribbon

Masky Ribbon (マスキーリボン Masukī Ribon): Pink Mask's personal weapon.

In the Philippine Dub, it was renamed as Laser Whiplash but in the movie from the same dub, it was changed to Laser Fighter.

X1 Mask's Weapons

X1 Mask arsenal was different than the main Maskman team. His weaponry is not named and it is also not explained that how much Ryo's powers can extend being a prototype.

Lightning Whip

Though not named, Ryo can shoot a lightning bolt at his enemies, or can direct the lightning to his enemies like a whip.

Gas Buckle

Though not named, Ryo can throw a deadly gas from his buckle. He used this power against a group of foot soldiers.

Team Cannon

Shot Bomber


Shot Bomber

Shot Bomber (ショットボンバー Shotto Bonbā) - The team's first finishing cannon, with Mask Red donning a backpack. Destroyed by Kiros and Beam Doggler in Episode 27.

Jet Cannon


Jet Cannon

Jet Cannon (ジェットカノン Jetto Kanon) - The team's second finishing cannon, built to replace the Shot Bomber. It can double as a flight rider for Red Mask.


Spin Cruiser


Spin Cruiser and Mask Roaders

Spin Cruiser (スピンクルーザー Supin Kurūzā): A buggy that was based from the planned designs of the Sugata Super F1 racecar. It is driven by Red Mask and fires the Spin Magnum.

Mask Roaders

Mask Roaders (マスクローダー Masuku Rōdā): Motorcycles for Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink.


Main article: Arsenal (Maskman)

Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons

Team Cannons


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