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This article is about a/an list of the weapons and vehicles in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.
The Liveman Arsenal
Used by: Livemen
Ranger Weapon Systems
Production Order
Arsenal (Maskman)
Arsenal (Turboranger)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Livemen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Liveman series page as well as the team page of the Livemen.

Transformation Devices

Twin Brace

Main article: Twin Brace

The Livemen's transformation devices.


Live Suits

Live Suits (ライブスーツ Raibu Sutsu?): The battle suits of the Livemen, originally designed as space suits by the three core Livemen and their friends Takuji Yano and Mari Aikawa while studying at Academia Island. After Takuji and Mari were murdered by Kenji Tsukigata during his and the other two traitors' defection to Volt; Yuusuke, Joh, and Megumi with the help of Professor Hoshi upgraded the original design to make it more suitable for combat in order to protect humanity from Volt as well as to seek justice for their slain friends.



Live Blaster

as used in 2 modes

Liblaster (ライブラスター Raiburasutā?): The Livemen's sidearm which can switch between gun and sword modes. While in sword mode, the handguard can be used as a shield. If needed, they can be brought out from the Twin Brace without transforming. Used in the ​Triple Liblaster attack where the three core members fire their Liblasters simultaneously to inflict heavy damage on Brain Beasts.

Team Blasters and Individual Weapons

​Red Falcon's Weapons

Falcon Sword

Live Saber

Falcon Sword

Falcon Sword (ファルコンソード Farukon Sōdo?): Red Falcon's initial weapon, used in the Falcon Break attack. Destroyed in Episode 23 by Swordsman Brain Beast who was wielding a sword made of Giga Metal created by Dr. Kemp.

Falcon Saber

Falcon Sword

Falcon Saber

Falcon Saber (ファルコンセイバー Farukon Seibā?): Red Falcon's replacement weapon. Forms the targeting sight of the Triple Bazooka.

Yellow Lion's Weapons

Lion Punch

Live Punch

Lion Punch

Lion Punch (ライオンパンチ Raion Panchi?): Yellow Lion's initial gauntlet weapon. Primarily used for punching attacks, the mouth can be used to grab opponents in a vice grip as well as to fire an energy beam.

Lion Bazooka

Live Bazooka

Lion Bazooka

Lion Bazooka (ライオンバズーカ Raion Bazūka?): Yellow Lion's replacement weapon. Forms the barrel and trigger of the Triple Bazooka

Blue Dolphin's weapons

Dolphin Arrow

Live Arrow

Dolphin Arrow

Dolphin Arrow (ドルフィンアロー Dorufin Arō?): Blue Dolphin's bow weapon and the only weapon of the three core members to not be replaced during the series' run. Forms the crossbars of the Triple Bazooka.

Triple Bazooka

Live bazooka

Triple Bazooka

Triple Bazooka (トリプルバズーカ Toripuru Bazūka?): Liveman's second team cannon, exclusive to the three core members. First used in episode 22, the triple bazooka is a crossbow/cannon weapon formed by combining the Falcon Saber, Dolphin Arrow, and Lion Bazooka. It is faster to combine and fire than the Biomotion Buster but is only able too inflict heavy damage on Brain Beasts rather than destroying them.

Bison Rod

Live Rod

Bison Rod

Bison Rod (バイソンロッド Baison Roddo?): Black Bison's staff weapon.

Sai Cutters

Live Cutter

Sai Cutters

Sai Cutters (サイカッター Sai Kattā?, Rhino Cutters): Green Sai's dual boomerang weapons

Team Cannon

Bimotion Buster

Live BiomotionBuster

Biomotion Buster

Bimotion Buster (バイモーションバスター Baimōshon Basutā?): The primary team canon of the Liveman. The special properties of the Bimotion Buster's energy beam react negatively with the Chaos Energy that comprises the bodies of Brain Beasts, making it the only weapon capable if finishing off normal sized opponents.


Live Vehicles


Moto Machines

Moto Machines (モトマシン Motomashin?): The individual motorcycles of the core members. Based on the Suzuki RH250.

  • Moto Falcon (モトファルコン Motofarukon?): Red Falcon's Moto Machine.
  • Moto Lion (モトライオン Motoraion?): Yellow Lion's Moto Machine.
  • Moto Dolphin (モトドルフィン Motodorufin?): Blue Dolphin's Moto Machine.

Live Cougar

Live Cougar (ライブクーガー Raibu Kūgā?): A 4x4 combat vehicle built by Yuusuke and Takuji Yano's younger brother based on plans for a new model car that Takuji had drawn up before being murdered by Kenji Tsukigata. It is armed with the top mounted Cougar Vulcan which can shoot energy blasts or nets to capture opponents. On occasion, the Live Cougar would be driven by Colon to provide aid during batles and later became Black Bison and Green Sai's primary vehicle. Its design is based on a Suzuki Jimny.


Main article: Arsenal (Liveman)

Transformation Devices


Team Blaster and Individual Weapons

  • Biomotion Buster
  • Triple Bazooka
    • Falcon Saber
    • Lion Bazooka
    • Dolphin Arrow
  • Falcon Sword
  • Lion Punch
  • Bison Rod
  • Sai Cutters


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