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This article is about a/an set of weapons and vehicles in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
The Abaranger Arsenal
Used by: Abarangers
Ranger Weapon Systems
Production Order
Arsenal (Hurricaneger)
Arsenal (Dekaranger)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Abarangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Abaranger series page as well as the team page of the Abarangers.

Transformation Devices

Dino Braces

Main article: Dino Braces

The Dino Braces (ダイノブレス Daino Buresu?) are the Abarangers' transformation device.

Dino Commander

Main article: Dino Commander

The Dino Commander & Dino Harp (ダイノコマンダー&ダイノハープ Daino Komandā ando Daino Hāpu?) are AbareBlack's transformation devices.

Dino Minder

Main article: Dino Minder

The Dino Minder (ダイノマインダー Daino Maindā?) is AbareKiller's transformation device.


Abare (Attack Banteddo Resistance) Suits


Aba Lasers

Blue Glass Arrow See also: Thundermax Saber
"Aba Laser!"
―Weapon Announcement[src]

Aba Laser

Aba Lasers (アバレイザー Abareizā?): The side-arms of the core three Abarangers. In gun mode, it discharges an energy bullet which can penetrate concrete o 1 m thickness. In sword mode, it can slice a 50 cm iron prop.

Baku Laser

Baku Laser (バクレイザー Bakureizā?): Appearing only in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger DELUXE: Abare Summer is Freezing Cold, it resembles an Aba Laser. Referred to as the "Sword of the Seal" in Dino-Earthian legends, it was used by Princess Freezia to seal the Fearsome Blastasaurs after she infused the weapon with her lifeforce. In the present day, the princess appeared before Ryouga Hakua with half of the weapon and, in order to protect the weapon from the Evolion, asked him to help her find and retrieve the other piece, which had been excavated by humans and put in a museum. After recovering the second piece, Ryouga used his Dino Guts to reforge the Baku Laser. "Princess Freezia" was then revealed to be Dimensional Drifter Galvidi, who used the Baku Laser to summon the Fearsome Blastasaurs and form BakurenOh, piloting it until it was defeated. The Baku Laser then returned to Ryouga's possession, gaining the Abaranger emblem, and was used to destroy Galvidi with the Hissatsu Baku Laser Sword Crash (必殺バクレイザーソードクラッシュ Hissatsu Bakureizā Sōdo Kurasshu?). After his defeat, it was revealed that the real Freezia had been trapped within the BakuLaser. Witnessing the acts of the Abarangers, she thanked them, then took the Bakulaser and went off on her own.

Individual Weapons and Team Blasters


A weapon that Asuka owns and brought with him from Dino Earth, which he uses in battle when not transformed. While this is useful against the Barmia Soldiers, it is useless against stronger opponents such as Jannu. It was later broken when he used it to mold the StyRiser from a block of ice.

Superior Dino Bomber

"Superior Dino Dynamite!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]

Superior Dino Bomber

The Superior Dino Bomber (スーペリアダイノボンバー Sūperia Daino Bonbā?) is the combination of the Dino Bomber, with the Dino Thruster and Wing Pentact as additions.

The finisher is known as the Hissatsu: Superior Dino Dynamite (必殺・スーペリアダイノダイナマイト Hissatsu: Sūperia Daino Dainamaito?) attack.

Super Dino Bomber

"Super Dino Dynamite!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]

Super Dino Bomber

The Super Dino Bomber (スーパーダイノボンバー Sūpā Daino Bonbā?) is the combination of the Dino Bomber and the Dino Thruster.

The finisher is the Hissatsu: Super Dino Dynamite (必殺・スーパーダイノダイナマイト Hissatsu: Sūpā Daino Dainamaito?).

Dino Bomber
"Dino Dynamite!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]
"Riding Dynamite!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]

Dino Bomber

The Dino Bomber (ダイノボンバー Daino Bonbā?) is the combination of the Tyranno Rod, Tricera Bunker, and Ptera Daggers. It is used to destroy normal sized monsters with the Hissatsu: Dino Dynamite (必殺・ダイノダイナマイト Hissatsu: Daino Dainamaito?) - a finishing move that unleashes a large blast that destroys the enemy.

A variant of this finishing attack is Hissatsu: Riding Dynamite (必殺・ライディングダイナマイト Hissatsu: Raidingu Dainamaito?) is used while riding on a Ride Raptor at 150 km. per hour. The blast combines the Dino Guts of the Ride Raptor and the Abarangers. It is effective on monsters that can fly away.

In Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters, the Dino Bomber is combined with the Kyoryugers' Kentrospiker and Zyurangers' Howling Cannon to form the Ultimate Howling Cannon.

Tyranno Rod
"Tyranno Rod!"
―Weapon Announcement[src]

Tyranno Rod

The Tyranno Rod (ティラノロッド Tirano Roddo?) is AbaRed's personal weapon that appears from his belt buckle. Its mouth is fully functional, able to roar like the Blastasaur Tyrannosaurus, and can devour anything that it can get its jaws on.

Attacks with the Tyranno Hurricane Attack (ティラノハリケーンアタック Tirano Harikēn Atakku?) and the Tyranno Rod: Circle Moon (ティラノロッドサークルムーン Tirano Roddo: Sākuru Mūn?). Forms the barrel/sight of the Dino Bomber and extra formations.

Tricera Bunker
"Tricera Bunker!"
―Weapon Announcement[src]

Tricera Bunker

The Tricera Bunker (トリケラバンカー Torikera Bankā?) is AbareBlue's personal weapon that appears from his belt buckle. It can roar like Blastasaur Triceratops. Attacks with Blue Slash (ブルースラッシュ Burū Surasshu?) and the Tricera Rolling Finish (トリケラローリングフィニッシュ Torikera Roōringu Finisshu?). Forms the bulk of the Dino Bomber and extra formations.

Ptera Daggers
"Ptera Daggers!"
―Weapon Announcement[src]

Ptera Daggers

The Ptera Daggers (プテラダガー Putera Dagā?) are AbareYellow's personal weapons that appear from her belt buckle. They can roar like Blastasaur Pteranodon. Attacks with Yellow Flying Dagger (イエローフライングダガー Ierō Furaingu Dagā?) and the Ptera Spin Crash (プテラスピンクラッシュ Putera Supin Kurasshu?). Form the sides of the Dino Bomber and extra formations.

Dino Thruster
"Dino Thruster!"
―Weapon Announcement[src]

Dino Thruster

The Dino Thruster (ダイノスラスター Daino Surasutā?) is AbareBlack's personal weapon that he carries at his side. It can roar like Blastasaur Brachiosaurus. Has four different settings, which create different elemental attacks when he thrusts it into the ground.

These attacks, dubbed "Infernos", are Fire Inferno (ファイヤーインフェルノ Faiyā Inferuno?), which creates a plume of fire; Splash Inferno (スプラッシュインフェルノ Supurasshu Inferuno?), which creates a tidal wave to assist Abaren'Oh Slidon; Storm Inferno (ストームインフェルノ Sutōmu Inferuno?), which creates a tornado; and Ground Inferno (グランドインフェルノ Gurando Inferuno?), which creates an localized earthquake.

It can also function as a sword for the special attacks Dino Thruster: Circle Moon (ダイノスラスター・サークルムーン Daino Surasutā Sākuru Mūn?), Dino Thruster: Head Crash (ダイノスラスター・ヘッドクラッシュ Daino Surasutā Heddo Kurasshu?), and Dino Thruster: Crescent Moon (ダイノスラスター・クレセントムーン Daino Surasutā Kuresento Mūn?).

Forms the top section of the Super Dino Bomber formation and the attachment spot for the Wing Pentact in the Superior Dino Bomber formation.

Wing Pentact


Wing Pentact
(Tact and Blade Modes)

The Wing Pentact (ウイングペンタクト Uingu Pentakuto?) is AbareKiller's personal weapon. The Wing Pentact has the two modes, Tact Mode (タクトモード Takuto Mōdo?) and Blade Mode (ブレードモード Burēdo Mōdo?).

In Tact Mode, AbareKiller can use it like a pen to create and fire laser arrows. In Blade Mode, he can use it to attack opponents directly using the Pentact as a dagger or sword-like slashing weapon.

Nonuple Connection Super Dino Victory

"Victory Dino Dynamite!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]

In Abaranger VS Hurricaneger, the Abarangers, Hurricanegers and Gouraigers combined their weapons and formed the Nonuple Connection Super Dino Victory (九重連スーパーダイノビクトリー Kyūjūren Sūpā Daino Bikutorī?) by connecting the front section of the Super Dino Bomber to the end section of the Victory Gadget.

The finisher attack of the Super Dino Victory is the Hissatsu: Victory Dino Dynamite (必殺・ビクトリーダイノダイナマイト Hissatsu Bikutorī Daino Dainamaito?) attack.


Dino Guts

Dino thunder

Abare Mode

Dino Guts (ダイノガッツ Daino Gattsu?) is a powerful spiritual energy within the ground and within living beings that allows the Abarangers to enter the team power-up Abare Mode (アバレモード Abare Mōdo?). It is triggered when the user has great courage.




The StyRiser (スティライザー Sutiraizā?) was molded by Asuka and is wielded by AbareMax. It is used to absorb the DinoGuts from AbareBlue and AbareYellow for AbaRed to become AbareMax. Wielding this weapon, Abare Max can take the enemy to the Explosive Orbit: Max Field (大気爆裂マックスフィールド Taiki Bakuretsu Makkusu Fīrudo?), another dimension which he can manipulate at will to defeat monsters. In its Defense Mode (ディフェンスモード Difensu Mōdo?), the StyRiser acts as a shield, and in its Offense Mode (オフェンスモード Ofensu Mōdo?), a blade extends from the main body so that Abare Max can attack. Its finisher move is the Hissatsu: Slash Maximum (必殺・スラッシュマキシマム Hissatsu Surasshu Makishimamu?). It can also be used to control Styraco, MaxOhJa and MaxRyuuOh.


Ride Raptors


Ride Raptors

The Ride Raptors (ライドラプター Raido Raputā?) are Velociraptor-like creatures, not as intelligent as the Blastasaurs but very much like horses (to the point where they can eat hay). The Abarangers use them as their main transportation.


  • The Raptor's cries are actually the cries of the Toho monster, Gigan.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blasters



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