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―Cat O'Clock being gigantified [src]
"Meow! My entire plan has been an utter cat-tastrophe!"
―Cat O'Clock's final words before his death.[src]
"Oh, I was a whisker away from beating you! If only I--Meow!"
―Cat O'Clock's final words before his first death.[src]

Cat O'Clock is a Cat/Watch themed monster which appears in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Character History

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He is a sneaky feline with a constant habit of making cat puns. He even meows every time he laughs. He is also cowardly whenever he is outnumbered and has a fear of dogs.

Powers and Abilities


  • A remote control that can manipulate the objects whenever they are touched by the victims, causing them to freeze in place. Unless the objects are removed and/or the clock in his chest is destroyed, the victims would return to normal.
  • Metallic Claws.

Behind the Scenes


  • Voiced by Charles McDermott who also had voiced Hekatoid from Mystic Force, General Crunch from RPM, Grinataur from Super Samurai, and Bigs from Megaforce.
  • His voice is identical to Bigs' voice.


  • In the episode "Past, Presents, and Future" Cat O' Clock is the cousin of Cleocatra.
  • Cat O'Clock's armor and watch are red in Power Rangers-original footage, while they are orange in Ninninger footage. The orange was also used on his PR action figure.
  • The usage of a watch for a Cat O'Clock is in reference to Jibanyan, a nekomata who is the main yokai in the Yo-Kai Watch franchise. A strange coincidence is that Yo-Kai Watch's airing rights in the US are owned by Disney, the former owners of the Power Rangers franchise
  • The time on Cat O'Clock clock's chest, Sunday 7:30 am, was the Super Sentai Series time slot on TV Asahi in Japan when Cat O'Clock's counterpart made his appearance in Ninninger (by the time Cat O'Clock appeared in Ninja Steel, Super Sentai timeslot changed).
  • Cat O'Clock is themed after the youkai nekomata (猫又), just like Switchbeast from Power Rangers Super Samurai (as his Sentai counterpart is the basis for the youkai nekomata).


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