This article is about a/an singer in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
Cash Callaway

Cash Callaway is the theme song performer for Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Personal life

Cash is a teacher of piano, voice, music production, and songwriting/music theory. He received a Bachelors degree in Music Theory/Composition from Baylor University in 1998.

Cash focuses on instilling complete musicianship and professionalism in his students so that they are able to apply their training and knowledge immediately to their area of desired performance.

His objective is to assist his students with achieving personal success and accomplishment at whatever level desired. With over eleven years of teaching experience, he has instructed notable students such as Shaylen Carrol, from the Cash Money Record's group Savvy, and Hayley Orrantia, from the X Factors Lakoda Rayne.

Cash’s expertise and musical talent has been utilized with corporate companies such as Sol Republic, Universal, Curb Records, Warner Brothers, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Priority Records, and He has had the privilege of performing alongside celebrity artists like Miguel, Jesse McCartney, Mike Posner, and many more. Cash's voice is featured on the theme song for the TV show, Power Rangers Dino Charge and the anime, Digimon Fusion. Both are presently on Nickelodeon.