This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Carden is a Rinshi who holds the spirit of the Crane, perform graceful air maneuvers to deliver attacks with his twin swords. Carden has light coloring and an extended right wing, which compliments Bai Lai's dark coloring and extended left wing. He was one of Carnisoar's two servants along with Bai Lai, and they created a vortex that would wipe out the entire city. The first time they fought the rangers, the rangers were defeated because they flew, something that the Jungle Pride Megazord (even with Elephant Power) couldn't do. After learning from Master Swoop, Theo took them down with the Jungle Fan. They grew, and the Rangers used the Bat spirit to become Jungle Pride with Bat Power. Carden got thrown into a mountain and watched Bai Lai get destroyed. Carden swore to avenge him, taking his fallen partner's broadsword as a memorial. Carden later faced down Lily and was beaten by her. As a giant, he was easily defeated by the Jungle Pride Megazord with Bat Power.

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