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Byakkoshinken (白虎真剣 Byakkoshinken, Heavenly White Tiger Sword), known as Byakko for short, is an enchanted talking saber that was originally in the possession of Grandmaster Yufang. Yufang entrusted it to his fiancé Shoukyou but following her kidnap by Kabuki Novice, Yufang drove it into a boulder at a shinto shrine until its destined wielder appeared. The one chosen turned out to be a young boy named Kou who Byakko called out to with telepathy, guiding Kou to Byakko's location where he removed the weapon from its resting place.

Byakko offered to help Kou as KibaRanger, voicing-over for him upon his debut as KibaRanger until the other Dairangers found out about Kou's secret identity, as well as co-piloting Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger. He could also control Kou's body while fighting as KibaRanger.

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Byakkoshinken with RyuuRanger.

Behind the scenes


Byakkoshinken was voiced by Wataru Abe (阿部 渡 Abe Wataru), who later voiced KibaRanger in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season Tsuu.


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