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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Wild Force.

Bulldozer Org is (as it's name apply's) a bulldozer-theme Org that serves as the main villain of the episode "Soul Searching".

Character History

this bulldozer-like monster was first seen by Toxipod and Jindrax as he chops down trees in a forest, he was enlarge an did battle with the Wild Force Rangers, the Rangers summon the Wild Zords and formed the Wild Force Megazord, it was unaffected by the Megazords Fin Blade and gives a beating to the Megazord. they had the upper hand thanks to the Polar and Black Bear zords and were about to use the Double Knuckle Bear Blaster attack, but the Lionzord gets sick and the Org finish it off, the Lionzord tried to fight back, but he was quickly out match, Bulldozer Org was about to make the final strike on the Lionzord until the other Wildzords came in to protect the Lionzord, the other Rangers then went on in the search for the Soul Bird, Bulldozer Org was a tough Org, but the Red Ranger found the Gorilla Wildzord and gave the Bulldozer Org a beating, they combined the Wildzords with the Gorillazord and formed the new Kongazord, Bulldozer Org was no match and was defeated by the Kongazord's Double Knuckle Final Strike.


Bulldozer Org was very cocky and not very bright, he takes pleasure of destroying trees.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: The Bulldozer Org is shown to be quite durable compare to the other Orgs, as it is unaffected by the Wild Force Megazord's Fin Blade and both the Polar Bear and Black Bear zords beam attacks.
  • Forehead Lighting Beam: Like the other Orgs, Bulldozer Org has the ability to fire red lighting beams from his forehead.


  • Dozer: The Bulldozer Org's lower arms carrys a dozer-like part in front of him to push his enemy's far.

Behind the Scenes



  • The Bulldozer Org is the first Org to be fought by the Kongzord.
  • The Bulldozer Org is the first and only Org to have four arms, he has two tread-like upper arms and two normal lower arms that holds the dozer in place.
  • He was voiced by Jason Faunt, who is best known for portraying both Wesley Collins and Alex in Power Rangers Time Force.

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