This article is about a/an changer/weapon in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

"Knight Reincarnation"

Bull Riot (ブルライアット Buru Raiatto): Hyuuga's sword that also functions as his transformation device, using it to transform into the Black Knight by using the henshin call "Knight Reincarnation" (騎士転生 Kishi Tensei). Originally belonging to his predecessor Bull Black, the Bull Riot can also be changed into a laser rifle mode. Attacks with multiple slash attacks; including "Black Chop" and "Black Attack".

Transformation Sequence


  • This is the first changer in Sentai in the shape of a weapon.
  • The Bull Riot somehow bears a resemblance to the design of He-Man's Sword of Power and She-Ra's Sword of Protection, both of which share a common design. A more startling resemblance is how Hyuuga transforms into BullBlack raising a sword and surrounded by energies (such as how Adora transforms into She-Ra) and finally exploding into his BullBlack form (such as how an explosion changes Adam, also raising his sword, into He-Man).
  • Interestingly, the second version of Magna Defender, BullBlack's American counterpart, possessed a morpher rather than using his weapon to transform. In contrast, the earlier Gold Zeo Ranger did not possess a morpher while his Sentai counterpart did.

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