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SSN-Bison King
Bull Rider Megazord
Zords: Bull Rider Zord
Bull Zord
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TBA (Ninja Steel)
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Length: 12.0 m
Width: 30.5 m
Height: 48.0 m
Weight: 1,600 t
Speed: 550 km/h
Power: 24,000,000

The Bull Rider Megazord is the main Megazord of Ninja Steel Gold Ranger. It resembles a Wild West-era sheriff. It is the combination of his two personal Zords: the Bull Rider Zord and the Bull Zord.


The Bull Zord's design resembles a 4-wheel All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) adapted with Bison characteristics and the Bull Rider Zord resembling a turquoise Robo Red Zord that acts as a cowboy that literally rides the giant four-wheeled beast.

The Bull Rider Megazord is formed when Ninja Steel Gold spins the Bull Zord Star in his Ninja Mopher. The Bull Rider Zord ejects itself from the Bull Zord while its top and bottom parts split up, with the hind wheels forming the legs while the front wheels become the shoulders. The top part of the Bull Zord then re-attaches itself onto the chest of the upright robot, with the Bull Rider Zord combining with it once again. Completing the transformation will be the giant Bull Zord Star placed on the head of the Bull Rider Zord and the mask covering its face.

The Bull Rider Megazord's main weapon is the Bull Rifle, which can not only rapid-fire bullets at giant Monsters at long-range, but also has a short bayonet blade which can slash at enemies for a melee option as well.

Appearances: Ninja Steel Episodes TBA


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Bull Rider Zord

The Bull Rider Zord is one of Ninja Steel Gold's Zords that is summoned together with the Bull Zord and the one that rides it.

Designed similarly to those of Ninja Steel Red's Robo Red Zord, Bull Rider can eject off the Bull Zord to launch rapid attacks, with its punching style seeming to be that from a boxer, and has a giant lasso just like a Western cowboy, similar to what Robo Red can eject off Ninja Steel Megazord itself. But unlike Robo Red, Bull Rider can be remotely controlled when Ninja Steel Gold himself is inside the cockpit within the Bull Rider Zord. In reference to Robo Red's ability to act outside the Ninja Steel formation, the Bull Rider can also hold and uses the Bull Rifle on his own.

Alternatively, Ninja Steel Gold can also control Bull Rider Zord the same way the core Rangers control their own Zords while Bull Rider Zord battles solo against giant Monsters.

Appearances: Ninja Steel Episodes TBA

Bull Zord

The Bull Zord is the vehicle that the Bull Rider Zord rides on when summoned. When Ninja Steel Gold summons this using his Bull Zord Star, it appears as a single wheel, splits into four which makes the Bull Zord appears and the body manifests itself allowing the Bull Rider Zord to ride on it.

Ninja Steel Gold can go directly inside the Bull Zord to control both Zords unlike that of the core Rangers. The Bull Zord can move and maneuver at high speeds on extremely uneven terrain similar to those of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), and also fire lightning bolts at giant Monsters at medium-range from its horns.

Appearances: Ninja Steel Episodes TBA

Ninja Power Star

Otomonin 06

Bull Zord Star

Bull Zord Star- Summons both the Bull Rider Zord and Bull Zord in which Bull Rider Zord rides on. Also used to combine both Zords into the Bull Rider Megazord. This Zord Star is marked with the kanji for "cattle" ( Ushi).


  • As with all Megazords in this series, Bull Rider Megazord shares some similarities to past mecha
    • The Bull Rider Megazord's design may have been inspired by the Torozord from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, which also follows a bull-based carrier Zord with a humanoid controller-theme that can form a robot when both of them are combined, re-modeled with the adaptation of Zord-based design formats.
    • The Bull Rider Zord's ability to ride Bull Zord is reference to how Delta Squad Megazord from Power Rangers S.P.D. can ride on top of Omegamax Cycle.
    • The Megazord's head might be based on the Red Battlezord and Super Zeozord 5 from Power Rangers Zeo, as they share a similar visor shape with their pilots.

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