This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Bulk Fiction is the twenty-fourth episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


Bulk falls in love with the police chief's daughter Connie and goes to great lengths to ask her to the toy donation charity dance. However, his efforts result in Lt. Stone getting fired. Feeling guilty, Bulk and Skull decide to quit the force and all three decide to start over and follow Stone's dream of opening a detective agency. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers battle Googleheimer, another monster sent by Mondo and Machina.


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  • Jerome Stone loses his job as a police officer in this episode, and Bulk and Skull quit the force to stay by Stone's side. They would get their old jobs back albeit temporarily in Turbo's "Shift Into Turbo".
  • The firing of Jerome Stone is very inaccurate, as he is fired for Bulk trying to get a date with the Chief’s daughter. If this happened in real life, Stone could take his boss to court for unfair dismissal and the Chief would most likely be demoted or lose his job himself if found guilty.
  • First and only appearances of Chief Crandall and Connie Crandall, though Chief Crandall is mentioned in "Shift Into Turbo". The identities and whereabouts of their actors has not been documented.
  • First appearance of the Zeo Cannon.
  • A close up of Billy's communicator shows that he still has the one he that he used when he was the Blue Ranger, meaning that there are currently two blue communicators in use, the other belonging to Rocky, the blue Zeo Ranger.
  • this episode's title is a parody on the 1994 film pulp fiction

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