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The BugZords (バグゾード Baguzōdo) are a set of robots Vaglass sends to accompany their various MegaZord Alphas in battle. Piloted by Buglars, they serve as their MegaZord counterpart appearing as armored mecha Buglars with cannons on their backs. They can be deployed from jettisoned-off cocoons from the MegaZord Alpha's body or independently.


A pair of BugZords were summoned to back-up BurnerZord's assault on an Enetron tank only to be quickly destroyed by Buster Animal CB-01 Cheetah. Mission 2: A Promise Made 13 Years Ago

Some Bugzords were also used to boost DenshaZord's attacks in a pseudo-formation. Mission 7: Bad Maintenance on Ace?! A couple of BugZords were also used by Enter (from wreakage of the DrillZordMission 8: Protect the Machine Blueprints!) to distract the Go-Busters from "whatever it is" they were planning when he kidnapped Usada Lettuce. Mission 9: Usada Rescue Strategy!

When the ParabolaZord was being confronted by the Go-Busters, two BugZords were drained of their Enetron and then destroyed by BC-04 and SJ-05, respectively. Mission 16: The Man from Hyper Space



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