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Budoh Majin Mob's Four Shoguns (19-23): After Black Knight BullBlack's return, Sword General Budoh brings out his best Majin to help deal with him, and find the Galaxy Lights, which they do.


LG Fishface


Sunabakutou (砂爆盗 Sunabakutō?, 19) is a scorpionfish-like Majin. One of Budoh Majin Mob's Four Shogun. Sunabakutou can throw sand from his pouch onto objects to destroy them, as his sand causes what it hits to explode. He uses it on statues, believing them to contain the Galaxy Lights. He is one of the Majin who was there when BullBlack's brother was killed, thus BullBlack killed him with Combined Beast-Warrior BullTaurus, using this victory to avenge his younger brother. He is also sometimes referred to as the "Sand Explosion Thief". He was killed by Bull Taurus. Was used for "Fishface" in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.




Hyoudogasa (氷度笠 Hyōdogasa?, 20) is the second of the four Mob Shogun, Hyoudogasa is a jellyfish Majin. He can freeze humans by throwing the Kasa from his head and releasing thousands of stingers down onto them, although Ryouma was immune because of his fire power. These stingers are also ineffective to animals. He thought he would gain the Galaxy Lights by putting every human being to sleep, causing the lights to surface to awaken, via Budou's researched prophecy. He thought he had successfully found the Lights, though they were a fake created and used by Iliess. He is killed by BullTaurus. Was used for "Chillyfish" in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.




Houretsudou (砲烈道 Hōretsudō?, 21) is a crab-like Majin and third Shogun of the Budoh Mob who thought the Galaxy Lights were in round, red food. Tomatoes are one of his targets. He possesses a powerful cannon that causes severe injuries to Hayate. He is killed by Gingaioh. Was used for "Kubak" in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


LG Destruxo


Dotoumusha (怒涛武者 Dotōmusha?, 22-23) is the most powerful of Budoh's Majin and the last Mob Shogun. In battle, he proved more than a match for the Gingamen. Dotoumusha is a red lobster-themed samurai warrior. He is sent via Budoh's final attempt to draw out the Galaxy Lights from the waters of underground hot springs under the Earth. Dotoumusha created a force field to prevent interference from the Gingamen and used his staff to draw out the Lights. Although the Gingamen destroyed the force field, they were unable to prevent the Lights from falling into his hands. In a desperate chase, Dotoumusha captured the Lights in a magical urn. He is then tricked into using the Lights for himself, by Medoumedou, in Iliess' scheme to mark Budoh as a traitor. In an attack by BullBlack, though, Dotoumusha loses the Lights to the Gingaman, who use their newfound powers to kill him, before he could use the Baruba-X. Was used for "Destruxo" in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

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