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"Prepare for total annihilation!"
―Brax’s first lines to the Rangers[src]

Brax[1] is a famous fighter in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. He arrived as a guest on the Warrior Dome and starred as a contestant in the latest season of the hit show Galaxy Warriors.

Character History

He appears with General Tynamon where he is bombarded by Badonna proclaiming her love for him. She even sent him 200 fan letters. He then goes to fight the rangers and pretends to be weak. They then retreat and he goes back to fight them again, this time having no mercy. He watches for them and then goes to battle again, but is destroyed. Badonna gigantifies him and he retreats when she sends 4 Skullgators. Prepare To Fail



  • He is armed with a barbarian sword used to execute his signature attack, which creates multiple copies of his blade to strike his opponents.

Powers and Abilities

Behind the Scenes



  • Height: 187 cm (44.9 m: giant)
  • Weight: 231 kg (554.4 t: giant)


  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, he is not related to either Galvanax, Badonna, and Madame Odius and is simply just a general.
    • He is instead, apparently, an unrequited love interest for Badonna.
  • Like all the other higher-ups, Brax's face incorporates a mask from Noh theater, specifically a Shikami mask.


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