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This article is about a/an mecha in Gekisou Sentai Carranger.


Braking (ブレーキング, Burēkingu) (29-31): A mech bought by RitchRitchhiker using money saved up by Gynamo for his wedding to Zonnette. Initially used to frighten and banish Gynamo and Zonnette from the Bowzock during a coup, it is later used in a campaign to disable and ultimately capture RV Robo alongside an army of Wurmples. Becomes heavily damaged in its battle with the Carranger in their new VRV Machines, culminating with it being blown back to the Baribarian by a bomb Red Racer threw at it.

Rebuild Braking

After returning to the Bowzock base, Braking is rebuilt by RitchiRitchihiker into Rebuilt Braking (改造ブレーキング, Kaizō Burēkingu), which is strong enough to withstand the VRV Machines on their own and possesses new weapons, including a cannon, a head blade and "smiley-face bombs". Destroyed by VRV Robo, taking RitchiRitchihiker along with it.


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concept art

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