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This article is about a/an morpher in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
Brachio Morpher
Dino Thunder
Used by: Black Dino Ranger
Production Order
Dino Morphers
Drago Morpher

"Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

The Brachio Morpher is a morpher device consisting of connecting two parts to it, like the Turbo Morpher.

It is powered by the Black Dino Gem. It is activated when Dr. Oliver calls out "Dino Thunder, Power Up!" then inserts and turns a special key. This is the morpher of the Black Ranger.
Black Dino Gem

Black Dino Gem and Dino Bracelet

Tommy’s morphing device was created by Hayley when Tommy discovered the fourth Dino Gem, "just in case".

The energy of the Dino Gems, including the Black gem, was exhausted in a final confrontation with Mesogog, rendering them useless, and the Brachio Morpher inaccessible.

Morphing Sequence

Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Black Ranger Tommy00:26

Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Black Ranger Tommy

Tommy also called "Dino Thunder, Power Up!", but activated his morpher by inserting and turning a key, similar to the design of the Turbo Morphers .


  • The Brachio Morpher is the second Morpher in Power Rangers history that uses a key to activate it. The first is the Turbo Morpher.
  • Interestingly enough, the last morpher Tommy used regularly prior to Dino Thunder was the Turbo Morpher, also a key morpher. It is likely that he used the rough design of Turbo Morpher when making the Brachio Morpher.

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