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Boxing Bopp-a-Roo is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.


Shane and Hunter must learn to work together to defeat Lothor's latest monster, the Bop-A-Roo.


When Shane and Hunter's sparring becomes too intense, Sensei must curb their rivalry. As they practice for the upcoming Total Trek competition, they are assaulted by the Boxing Bop-A-Roo. They morph, but their rivalry gets in the way, letting Bop-A-Roo escape. When they find him again later on, they decide to call for help. Blake, Tori and Dustin morph and join them. Zurgane, Marah and Kapri come down to join the battle. When the Rangers form the Thunderstorm Cannon, they bail, leaving Bop-A-Roo to be destroyed. But the girls do help him out with a scroll of empowerment. The Rangers use the Thunderstorm Megazord's Lion Blazer attack to destroy him. With their trainer gone, Marah and Kapri take up a new hobby - clog dancing. Shane and Hunter are cheered on after winning the Total Trek as a team.



  • Shane has a trouble with controlling normal motorcycle despite having no problems with controlling Tsunami Cycles in previous episodes.
  • Lother never got his $23 from Bop-A-Roo.


  • First appearance of the Thunderstorm Cannon.

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