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This article is about a/an song in Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

Boso Sentai Zokuranger is the theme for the evil Sentai of the same name from Gekisou Sentai Carranger. This song was used only in the episode they appeared in: Ep. 25: The Mysterious Squeezing-In Maiden!

  • Lyricist = Miyaba Katsuyuki_ 
  • Composer / Arranger = Shouji Takashi 
  • Singer = Takayama Naritaka

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Translation into English

Mune ni aku wo dashite
Kuruma o buttobashitara
Anna, konna, donna
Seigi mo hetchara sa
Parara, papara, parapa
Ganaru kurakushon de
Chiikyu nanka buttobase

Boy! Ii ko wa yamete!
Nakama ni narou ze
Kechirasu yatsu ga bukkowasu
Yatsu ga ashita no hiiroo

(Let's go!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
Omae mo fumajime ni nare
Youki na akunin mezashite (Go! Go!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
Carranger taoshita toki
Oretachi ya seigi ni naru no sa
Boso Sentai Zokuranger!

Tarari, tarara, hoo ni
Hiya-ase furetara
Anna, konna, donna
Toki demo tesshuu da
Bababa, bibaba, bubaba
Tama nya bibanonno
Onsen demo yacchaou

Girl! Hima nara dou dai!
Ocha de moshiyou yo
Imadoki machi ha seigi wa
Furui waru koso hiiroo

Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
Atsui haato de sasoe
Genki dake ga toriedakedo (Yay! Yay!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
Kimi ni furarete naite
Haraise ni warusa suru no sa
Boso Sentai Zokuranger!

If the evil in my heart allows me
To crash my car around
I'll be able to bend justice
Here, there and anywhere
Pa-ra-ra, pa-pa-ra, pa-ra-pa
That's the scream of my horns
With which I'll crash into the "Eurth"

Boy! Give up on being good!
We will be your friends
If you kick and break stuff
You'll be the hero of tomorrow

(Let's go!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
Become dishonest, you too
Awaken the cheerful villain inside of you (Go! Go!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
When you have defeated the Carrangers
That's when we will become justice
Boso Sentai Zokuranger!

Ta-ra-ri, ta-ra-ra, if cold sweat
Starts running down your cheek
It'll be time to retreat
From here, there and anywhere
Ba-ba-ba, bi-ba-ba, bu-ba-ba
You may feel tired sometimes, but
A trip to the hot springs will get you up

Girl! If you have the time to spare!
Make some tea for us
Right now, in this city, heroes for fight for justice
Are a thing of the past

(Nice to meet you!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
Tempt people with a burning heart
Only your spirits are a redeeming feature (Yay! Yay!)
Zokuranger! Zokuranger!
If you cry from being rejected
Go and exact evil vengeance
Boso Sentai Zokuranger!

Other Usages

  • This song was used for the "30 Sentai Encyclopedia: Special File" for Task 45 of Boukenger

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