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This article is about a/an group of minor villains in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.
Varox ships

A squad of Varox ships.

Varoxes are a group of alien bounty hunters.


They sought the powers of Pyramidas and the Gold Ranger. A Varox named Borax landed on Earth and allied with King Mondo upon learning that he was also out to destroy the Power Rangers, Mondo offering him the Rangers' power if he worked with Mondo to destroy them. Borax attacked when the Rangers tried to find out the Gold Ranger was. Borax shot and greatly weakened Gold Ranger. The Rangers blasted Borax with the Zeo Cannon, which temporarily defeated him. The Rangers tried to tend to the Gold Ranger, but Orbus made Borax grow, forcing the Rangers to send the Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber while they confronted Borax in the Zeo Megazord. Borax went underground and soon knocked down the Zeo Megazord in a surprise attack. He then leapt out from underneath the Megazord, but the Rangers retaliated by striking Borax with their saber, leaving him weakened. Then the Zeo Megazord destroyed Borax. Do I Know You?

Later, the other Varoxes chased after Gold Ranger, who was piloting Pyramidas, in space with their own spaceships. One of them fired a laser that struck Pyramidas and sent it hurtling to Aquitar. The Varox declared their mission accomplished, left the scene and were never to be seen again. Revelations of Gold


  • Aside from Borax, two Varoxes piloting ships in pursuit of Pyramidas appeared.
    • One, calling himself "silver team commander," looked more or less identical to Borax.
    • Another, addressed by the title "Starboard Winger", apparently wore a scarf and had rounder eye coverings.
  • When talking with Mondo, Borax claimed that the Gold Ranger was powerless against him outside of Pyramidas, suggesting that he was in some way prepared for the Gold Ranger's powers specifically but was less equipped to handle the Rangers, accounting for how the Gold Ranger could defeat some monsters single-handedly where the rest of the team had failed but still have trouble with Borax where the other Rangers managed to defeat him.
  • The body of a Varox was later recolored and combined with the recolored head of Bara Police (unused in Power Rangers Zeo) to form Electrotramp. Also, a creature that has the head of a Varox was seen on the planet Onyx in "Flashes of Darkonda."
  • Borax was the last monster the Zeo Megazord destroyed on its own.


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