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Bookback (ブックバック Bukkubakku) is a bumbling henchman who works for Witch Bandora. He is usually seen with Totpat.

Bookback is a short and blue skinned troll who records all of Bandora's evil deeds and is armed with a pistol, although his lack of power makes it a mild annoyance at best. He is able to assume human form and despite their general incompetence, he and Tottpatt have occasionally been able to cause significant trouble for the Zyurangers, such as when they fished Djinn's lamp out of the sea or when they created Dora Tortoise and succeeded in incapacitating three of the Zyurangers. Following the final battle, he and the rest of the Bandora Gang were resealed by Daizyujin and cast out into space.


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Zyuranger video game

Bookback is the villain who is confronted at the end of the second stage of the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger video game. Bookback fights against Ptera Ranger Mei, who is controlled by the player.


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