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"Here, let me help you get a head!"
―Bones when he uses his head to transport the Rangers into a different dimension[src]

Bones is a skeleton monster created by Finster. Bones is notable as being the first monster-of-the-week to appear in Power Rangers.

Character History

A skeleton with a large hat, who could reassemble his body after being blown apart. He could detach his skull to fly around and batter the Rangers, and if blown up by them he could reform himself as long as his skull was intact. His flying, disembodied skull could teleport the rangers to another dimension. He was destroyed by Trini after having his head thrown down a pit full of lava causing his body to be destroyed.High Five

He is the first monster the Power Rangers ever faced (not counting Goldar), one of the few to have his own set of minions (in the form of glowing Skeleton Warriors), and was the first boss in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Nintendo video game.


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Skills and Abilities


  • Sword
  • Bones can separate his head from his body and attack people with it.

Behind the Scenes



  • Bones was the first of several monsters sent by Rita Repulsa to never enlarge. Pudgy Pig Was the second, Terror Toad was the third, followed by Snizzard, Madame Woe, Rockstar, and Twin Man. The Pumpkin Rapper, though originally sent by Rita, was not enlarged until Season 2. Mighty Minotaur and the Spit Flower were enlarged, but only temporary and returned to human-size. Cyclops was enlarged, returned to human-size, and enlarged again. 
  • Bones' appearance is based on Baron Samedi, an important figure in the voodoo religion. Some have mistakenly thought his appearance was based on that of Beetlejuice due to their similarities, and have even falsely attributed Beetlejuice's emphatic "it's showtime" to Bones, when in fact, Bones never said that phrase.
  • Bones was one of three monsters to have their own special Putties in the form of his Skeleton Warriors. Pumpkin Rapper had pumpkin-headed Putties and Rhinoblaster had football player themed Putties.

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