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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Blue Face is a mantis-themed monster and the first monster the Wind Rangers faced.

Character History

Blue Face was sent to Earth by Lothor to capture the remainder of the Wind Ninja Academy students. He is intercepted by the Wind Rangers and destroyed by the Storm Striker's blaster attack.Prelude to a Storm

Blue Face was later seen in the alternate dimension.The Wild Wipeout.

Blue Face is among the monster that emerge from the Abyss of Evil when Lothor opens it.Storm Before the Calm


Blue Face is very calm and always confident in his ability while in battle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pellet Blast: Blue Face can clamp both of his fist together and fire a row of red pellet's at his enemy's.


  • Mantis Scythe: Blue Face is armed with a huge scythe for close melee combat.

Behind the Scenes



  • Blue Face was the first villain the the Ninja Storm Ranger's faced.
  • Blue Face is showed to be afraid of heights.
  • Blue Face's name was seen in the credits.

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