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Bloom of Doom is the sixth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2.


It's Club Sign-Up Day at Angel Grove High School and Zedd casts a spell that turns Kimberly against Trini. Zedd then sends down the Bloom of Doom, who captures Kimberly and traps her in a mysterious dimension.


A big crowd from Angel Grove High School is at the Youth Center. Several students have booths set up for various clubs. Zack has a booth set up, Billy has a booth set up, as do Bulk & Skull. They made their club to get others involved in finding the true identities of the Power Rangers. Trini's booth appears to be the biggest hit as a mob gathers around to sign up for her volleyball club. No one seems to show an interest in Kimberly's plant club. Kimberly notices how successful Trini is, and can't help but feel a pang of jealousy. Lord Zedd is watching and decides to take advantage of Kimberly's jealousy with a cactus that once Kimberly's pricks her finger, will cause her feelings of jealousy towards Trini to intensify.

Kimberly is still upset that no one has joined her club, she knew people were interested in it. Kimberly talks to her cactus, and Bulk & Skull make fun of her. Kimberly walks away from her booth and has a smoothie. While Kimberly is away, a putty disguised as a human, switches the cactus with one that has been given a jealousy potion. When Kimberly comes back to the booth she pricks her finger on the cactus. As Lord Zedd had planned, Kimberly's feelings of jealousy have intensified. Kimberly walks over to Trini's booth and chews her out for hogging all the students. Trini tells Kimberly that it is not her fault. The other rangers are puzzled by Kimberly's behavior, including Tommy who tries to give her a flower that Ernie suggested might make her feel better. Kimberly doesn't accept the flower and gets mad at him as well.

Later, Trini is just ending her volleyball club activites when Tommy and Jason walk over. They ask Trini what happened between her and Kimberly. Trini tells them that Kimberly got upset with her over the clubs. Bulk & Skull and their club walk by and tried to record their voices, although they are convinced that they couldn't possibly be the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Kimberly is sitting in a flower garden, wondering why she is even bothering with it. Lord Zedd thinks its the perfect time to send a monster, Bloom of Doom created from Kim's cactus. In the command center, Zordon is aware of what Lord Zedd is doing and tells Alpha 5 to contact the Rangers and let them know. Alpha 5 contacts Kimberly first, and she impatiently listens to Alpha 5. Alpha 5 sends her a weapon as well to take care of the monster, he then contacts the other rangers. The Rangers morph and they all go into battle, battling several Putties and Bloom of Doom. Bloom of Doom transports the Pink Ranger into another dimension.

Once in another dimension with Bloom of Doom, the spell is broken for Pink Ranger. Bloom of Doom tells the Pink Ranger that her friends aren't coming to help her, that her jealousy has driven them away. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers return to the command center. Zordon explains Lord Zedd's plan to turn them against Kimberly with her jealousy. Zordon informs them where the Pink Ranger is, and they try to come up with a plan to rescue her. Pink Ranger struggles against Bloom of Doom. Meanwhile, back at the command center, Billy thinks he has come up with something that might work. Billy tells Trini if she uses her daggers, she can break through the dimension and free the Pink Ranger. Trini leaves immediately. Yellow Ranger uses the daggers and frees Pink Ranger from the dimension. Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger work together to battle Bloom of Doom. The rest of the Rangers appear and with the power blaster, they destroy Bloom of Doom.

Afterwards, they all return to the Youth Center. A group of girls interested in Kimberly's club is gathered around her booth. Kimberly promises that the next time there is a change, she will notify them personally. Mr. Caplan stops by her booth and apologizes for publishing the wrong venue in the school paper. After the other rangers approach her booth. Kim asks Trini if she can forgive her for being such a brat. Trini does and Tommy comments that it would take more than Lord Zedd to break them up. Bulk & Skull enter the room, and announce they have the voices of the Power Rangers on tape. The rangers are all concerned. Luck is on their side once more, as the tape jams and is worthless. Bulk & Skull make a vow to keeping working on discovering who the Power Rangers are and walk out. Tommy, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Jason and Zack all laugh as they watch Bulk & Skull leave, unsuccessful again.




  • When Tommy offers Kimberly the flowers, she says while under an evil spell that she hates flowers, but ends up taking them anyway.
  • Kimberly looks at her communicator as if it tells time. This was a common occurrence.
  • Kimberly states that she "almost had him", when referring to Bloom of Doom, even though others and Kimberly herself have been using female pronouns before and after.
  • During the Putty battle Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger holster is white instead of black.
  • After Kimberly was captured, when the other Rangers imminently return to the commend center, Trini was shown rubbing her eyes along with the rest of the Rangers from the pollen Bloom of Doom sprayed on them, but yet Trini had avoided getting the pollen sprayed on her.
  • The Power Bow clearly says Zyuranger in the scene where Kimberly fires her bow after stepping on Trini's shoulder.
  • When Kim calls for the Power Blaster, Tommy joins the other Rangers in agreeing and posing, despite neither he nor the Dragon Dagger having any role in the formation or operation of the Power Blaster.


  • In this episode, a Z Putty Partoller shows their ability to shapeshift.
  • Recently never before seen footage confirms that Bloom of Doom did indeed have a Zord battle with the Megazord and Dragonzord, and also debunks the myth of Lokar being involved in the fight footage. This Zord fight was left out because of too much interaction with the original Megazord.
  • This is the last episode before the Green No More arc.

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