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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Birds of a Feather is the 36th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Rita sends down the deadly 40-story-tall Hatchasaurus commanded by Cardiotron. The Dinozord manages to defeat this large bird/dinosaur hybrid but he reforms and is more deadly, easily trashing the Megazord. To make matters worse Rita also puts a binding spell on Dragonzord, disabling it. Jason decides to confront Cardiotron by jumping inside the Hatchasaurus. Now possessing the Dragon Coin and by calling for the Dragon Shield and Dagger, Jason armors up and attempts to break the hold over Tommy's former zord. Bulk and Skull attempt to use Biff to intimidate Kameron at a karate tournament, but the boy learns a valuable lesson in respect and being a good sport.


Zack is teaching his hip hop martial arts class and asks one of the students, Kameron Hayes, to demonstrate a routine. Kameron lacks confidence in himself, but agrees to anyway. He and Zack perform together. When Kameron falls down, Zack says some concentration should help him be ready for the upcoming Junior Martial Arts Competition. Bulk and Skull, with their own young student Biff for the same competition, taunt Zack and Kameron.

Rita Repulsa plants Hatchasaurus under Angel Grove's surface in order to overcome Dragonzord.

Zack assures Kameron's fears and says he'll be there for him at the competition. At the actual event, Zack is reluctantly pulled away when Zordon contacts the Rangers. Kameron is disappointed that Zack has to go. At the Command Center, Zordon informs the teens about Hatchasaurus. The monster is controlled by an ultra intelligent internal computer known as Cardiatron. They have to disconnect Cardiatron from within Hatchasaurus.

The five Power Rangers call for their zords, including Dragonzord (now under Red Ranger's control). Tyrannosaurus Dinozord blasts Hatchasaurus and the Rangers believe that the threat is over. However, the monster is still alive and is piecing itself back together. The Rangers return to face Hatchasaurus. Rita casts a spell to bind Dragonzord's arms.

Megazord goes up against Hatchasaurus again. They use the Power Sword against it, but the creature rebuilds itself once more. Dragonzord is summoned, but Rita's spell has hindered its helpfulness. Red Ranger jumps into Hatchasaurus' mouth. Dragonzord finally frees itself from Rita's binding and uses its missiles on the monster. Cardiatron and Red Ranger are exposed and fall to the ground. After donning Green Ranger's shield and arm bands, Red Ranger uses both his Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger to finish off Cardiatron. With Ultrazord, Hatchasaurus is put to rest for good.

The five return to the competition's second day. Zack says that he'll be there with Kameron for the remainder of the contest. Kameron and Biff have a match, with Kameron winning in the end. Biff is a good sport in his loss and congratulates Kameron for his win. Zack and his friends congratulate Kameron, while Bulk confronts Biff. He criticizes Biff for both losing the match and his failure in not using the secret weapon move that he showed the kid earlier. Having enough of Bulk's way of coaching, Biff kicks him in the leg and tells both him and Skull off that's he going to find a new coach who can inspire him better.



  • Tommy is gone from the opening credits, but now Titanus and Ultrazord are added.
  • This is the first time Red Ranger uses the Dragon Dagger to evoke Dragonzord. He's worn the shield before to face Titanus in "Gung Ho!", but this is the first time Red Ranger's worn both the shield and arm bands to face a monster.
  • The boy that plays Kameron Hayes would later guest-star as young JB ReeseIcon-crosswiki in VR TroopersIcon-crosswiki episode "Small but MightyIcon-crosswiki". Farrand Thompson, who plays Biff, would later play young Ryan SteeleIcon-crosswiki.
  • Hatchasaurus grows barbs on its stomach after it's killed the first time, and horns the second time.
  • Hatchasaurus reappears in season two's "The Ninja Encounter" along with Cardiatron. The monster speaks there while the computer is mute.
  • This is the only time Red Ranger is seen wearing the Dragon Shield while in Megazord's cockpit.
  • The second time that Jason calls on the Dragonzord, it does not come out of the bay, but rather is shown still walking around. This marks the first time that the Dragonzord does not come out of the bay when summoned.


  • Zordon told the Rangers that they needed to stop Cardiatron in order to defeat Hatchasaurus before they left to fight it. Why were they surprised when the monster was revived? (Maybe because Zordon told them to disconnect Cardiotron, but didn't say it had the power to revive the monster)
  • It was night when the Rangers fought Hatchasaurus first, but it's suddenly daytime for the second fight.
  • During the first battle, when Jason calls for Dragonzord from the Tyrannosaurus cockpit he is actually sitting in the Megazord cockpit (which is made obvious due to the combined-dinosaur symbol behind him).
  • It may be due to the fact that the Green Ranger powers are no longer controlled by Tommy, but why is this the first time that Rita is weakening/binding the Dragonzord?
  • It seems that the rangers are called to the Command Center right after the Hatchasaurus is destroyed the first time, but they are then wearing different clothes than they were before. They are also wearing these different clothes in the ending scene, when Zack states that he hopes Kameron isn't mad at him for bailing the day before.

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