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Beyond a Doubt is the twenty-sixth episode of Power Rangers RPM. This episode marks the first appearance of the RPM Ultrazord.


Tenaya 7 and Dillon go to Venjix palace to retrieve codes to stop an attack bot. Dillon is left wondering which side she is on when she turns him in to Venjix. With the stolen codes, Dr. K is able to configure the RPM Ultrazord. Kilobyte captures Tenaya 7 before she can reunite with our heroes.


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  • This episode along with Key to the Past have a similar plot to Power Rangers In Space two-parter episode "Dark Specter's Revenge". In both episodes a Ranger's sister (Astronema and Tenaya 7) remember the past and when they turn good they are captured and reprogrammed.
  • The Venjix barricade appears again in this episode, it was first seen in "The Road to Corinth"', the scene with the explosion behind the car is the same, if you look closely you can see Ziggy instead of Tenaya. It's never seen again, When Dillon arrives Ziggy makes reference to episode 1 when he says he crossed two times through the barricade.

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