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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


It's anything but politics as usual at Angel Grove High when Tommy runs for office at school and so does Kimberly. The competition heats up when Rita and Zedd cast an evil spell on both candidates to turn the Power Rangers against each other and crush them.



  • This episode feature the first full American filmed zord battle. This would become commonplace at least once a season throughout the remainder of the Saban produced years.
    Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord in America Footage

    Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord in America Footage

  • This episode marks the first time a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger has performed a morphing sequence by pulling the morpher to their left shoulder, circulating their arms around and thrusting their morpher forward before calling out their morphing shout. This action has also been used by Jason in Wild Force's "Forever Red" and Adam in Operation Overdrive's "Once a Ranger".


  • Although Tommy had (and always would) been shown inserting Saba into the slot in Tigerzord's cockpit to convert it to Warrior Mode, while under Rita's control it somehow transformed on its own almost immediately.
  • The Thunder Saber was mistakenly called the 'Power Sword'.


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