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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force.
"RAARRRGH! Agh, me ready for battle!"
―Behemoth after being summoned.[src]

The Behemoth is a horned, orc-like monster and is one of the many creatures of the Underworld, he serves as the primary villain of the episode "Inner Strength".

Character History

This hammer welding monster was summoned by Imperious. He was ordered to use his Seismic Stakes to attack the city, and draw out the Solaris Knight. When the beast was about to use his first stake on the city, Daggeron flew in on his Solar Carpet and made the stake disappear. Daggeron then morphed into the Solaris Knight and did battle with the Behemoth. However, the battle was soon interrupted by Koragg the Knight Wolf. While the Solaris Knight and the Knight Wolf fought, The Behemoth tried to escape. But the Solaris Knight went back and stopped the monster from attacking once more. The other Rangers soon joined the battle, and with the Green Ranger using his new Mystic Muscles, they were able to defeat the beast. But the Behemoth then used Dark Magic to grow to giant size. The Solaris Knight jumped into action and used his Solar Streak Megazord for the first time to battle the monster. With the Furnace Blast attack, the Behemoth was destroyed once and for all.


The Behemoth's personality is very similar to Mucor and the Golem before hand, he is dumb and not very bright, he often say's "me" in his lines, but when told of the plan by his master Imperious, he does take his job seriously.

Powers and Abilities

  • Size Shifting: The Behemoth can change his size at will.
  • Lighting Breath: The Behemoth can fire breath out red colored lighting beams from his mouth.


  • The Behemoth Hammer: The Behemoth is armed with a large hammer for both melee combat and to pin down the Seismic Stakes.
    • Seismic Stakes: The Behemoth also has larges stakes to pin down with his hammer to cause earthquakes, it was only used once.

Behind the Scenes



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