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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Megaforce.
Episode: United We Stand
Season: Megaforce
Voice Actor: Sarah Banasiak

Beezara is a female Insectoid who is a high-class member to her kind on her own right. Her full title is Beezara, the Queen Warrior, but she is only acknowledged by her usual address name. She is summoned by Admiral Malkor to the Warstar Spaceship as an elite ally. She is a member of alien royalty, much like Vrak. While allied to the Insectoids that make up Warstar, Beezara chooses to deal with the Mega Rangers in her own unique way.

Character History

Beezara is wasp-themed, despite her name being bee-themed.

She comes to Earth to make the male population her servants and make the women population clash with each other.

She does this by using a special royal jelly venom she creates from her hand and tendrils.

She succeeds in making Emma and Gia hate each other, while making Troy, Noah, and Jake her servants.

After her spell was broken by the bond of friendship tying the female Rangers, Emma and Gia defeated her with their Ultimate Dino Blast Attack.

She enlarges, thanks to the Zombats, only to be destroyed again by the Sky Gosei Great Megazord.

Arsenal and Weaponry

In battle, her tendrils could bind enemies and she could blast energy projectiles from her mouth. Her royal jelly venom is an efficient and can deal damage as well as making her enemies either serve her or hate one another. She is depicted as one of the strongest among the Insectoids, with her might rivaling that of Vrak and being outranked only by Creepox and Admiral Malkor.


Beezara is a trustworthy yet notably arrogant Insectoid queen. She bears little respect towards Creepox despite his high status but completely respects Admiral Malkor and immediately acknowledges him as her superior. She apparently shows equality to Vrak after the latter displays his respect towards her, though she latter questions and becomes annoyed about his inefficient methods of dealing with humans despite her own unusual way of tangling with the Mega Rangers.


  • For Megaforce, her breast color was change to blue from Goseiger's red.
  • Upon seeing her, Jake refers to her as a "big bad beetle", a possible nod to Big Bad Beetleborgs, another adapted Saban series from the nineties.

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