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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Beauty and the Beast is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


As Kimberly falls into depression over losing Tommy again, Lord Zedd decides to become the new man in her life by making her into his queen... whether she wants to or not.


Depressed about Tommy's departure from the team, Kimberly seeks out the advice of a Fortune Teller, Madam Swampy, despite Billy's claims that such practitioners are likely frauds. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd reveals a desire to have Kimberly as his Queen. He dispatches Goldar and the Putties to capture Kimberly. Through the use of a magic golden dust that renders Kimberly in a zombie-like state, he manages to take Kimberly away from outside the Fortune Teller's shack, and holding her captive in an underground cave known as The Cave of Fantasy.

Zedd attempts to distract the Rangers by sending the Z-Putties to attack Zack's cousin Curtis and his friend Richie. Once Billy managed to pinpoint the location of the cave, he and Trini go after Kimberly, while Zack goes after the Putties attacking his cousin. Jason is unable to be reached because he is in the mountains, which are shielding him from communication signals from the Command Center.

Inside the cave, Kimberly's communicator and Morpher are taken by Goldar as he casts a spell to make her into a queen with no memory of being a Ranger. The spell also transforms her clothes into that of Rita Repulsa's, complete with staff. However, he does not know that Kimberly's memories are unaffected by the spell, and she takes advantage of it by performing a surprisingly-accurate rendition of Rita. Her screaming and bossiness becomes so convincing that Goldar begins regretting the idea. Trini and Billy then arrive, causing Kimberly to drop the act. Trini recovers the Morpher and communicator while Billy holds off Goldar long enough for the three to escape.

All five Rangers teleport to the park to face the Mirror Maniac. After the defeat of the putties, Zedd forces the monster to grow (forgetting about Kimberly), and the Rangers summon the Thunder Megazord. Once defeated, the kids return to the Youth Center where Bulk and Skull end up washing dishes for eating without paying.




  • The Thunder Megazord is seen sheathing its saber when the Mirror Maniac was in the process of being destroyed, but the usual stock footage of the sword being sheathed was played afterwards anyway.
  • The morphed Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers were not voiced by their respective actors in this episode. They either used stock voice clips, alternate voice actors, or the Rangers refrained from speaking altogether, to include the use of Kiai in battle scenes. Trini and Zack appeared unmorphed however, but Jason was absent from the entire episode in his unmorphed appearance.
  • Despite the Rangers having never fought Mirror Maniac before he grew, his mirror mysteriously broke sometime between the defeat of the putties and the start of the Zord battle.
  • The Thunder Megazord's chest jewel appears blue instead of its usual green.
  • While morphed, it's clear that Trini is being voiced by a different actress because she has an english accent.


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