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"Heckyl's right. Love hurts."
―Defeated by T-Rex Super Charge Blast[src]
"Talk about a big makeover!"
―After being grown by the Magna Beam[src]
"Can't we kiss and make up?"
―Beauticruel's final words before her death[src]

Beauticruel was a drag queen-themed Vivix who was made "beautiful" by Poisandra's magic paint and brush and sent to make the Rangers fall for her and give their Energems.

Character History

According to Poisandra, Beauticruel was a young Vivix, she was presumably on Sledge's Ship when he arrived Earth's orbit. Powers from the Past

She is presumably stayed on the ship escaping at the destruction against the Rangers, during many battles. She survived once more time when Sledge's Ship crashed on Earth. One More Energem

Beauticruel made her first apparition loving Curio, but he didn't like her, treating her straight-up creeper. She wanted knowing the love and stole the Energems, but the Dino Charge Rangers succeeded to destroy her. Love At First Fight

In the final battle between the Rangers and Heckyl against Sledge's Crew in the past, Beauticruel stayed a simple Vivix because her transformation didn't doing yet. She was presumably survived at the destruction of Sledge's Crew End of Extinction and worked for Heximas and to be destroyed with him during the final battle against the Rangers. Here Comes Heximas


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Powers and Abilities


  • Magic Paint and Brush: A brush and magical paints of several colours that can do many things which includes weakening the victim, switching bodies and making the victim fall in crazy love with the painter.

Behind the Scenes



  • In the original Japanese version, this monster is male, and a drag queen. In the US version, she is female.
  • She is an upgraded Vivix. She is the second upgrade, after the Vivizords.
  • She is the second female monster of the week in Dino Charge, the first being Memorella.
  • Beauticruel appears in the final battle against the Rangers in the Past as a simple Vivix in "End of Extinction". She is killed on Earth or when Heckyl drives Sledge's Ship in the Sun, or during Heximas' attack against the Rangers.

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