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Beast General Fighters

"Hidden Style: Beast General Fighter Jutsu!"

Beast General Fighters (獣将ファイター Jūshō Faitā): First introduced in episode 12, the Beast General Fighters are embodiments of the Kakurangers' power, manifested from the Doron Changer medals. Referred to as the Kakurangers' ultimate ninpo, the Beast General Fighters are faster, more agile, lightly armored versions of the Giant Beast Generals. Although the Kakurangers are able to assume the forms of the Beast General Fighters themselves, they are typically autonomous machines, allowing them to function independently of their respective ranger and battle alongside the Giant Beast Generals or Muteki Shogun.

By performing the "Hidden Style: Beast General Fighter Jutsu!" (隠れ流・獣将ファイターの術 Kakure-ryū: Jūshō Faitā no Jutsu), the Kakurangers can fuse into their respective Beast General Fighter in order to increase their power.

Team attacks include the Fighter Crash (ファイタークラッシュ Faitā Kurasshu), where Kark and Logan link their arms to form a platform which Saruder leaps onto from Kumard and Gammer's shoulders in order to launch him through the air where he transforms into a fireball that smashes into the Youkai; and the Super Kakure Shoot (スーパーカクレシュート Sūpā Kakure Shūto), which uses a giant version of the Kakuranger Ball.

  • Beast General Fighter Battle Saruder (バトルサルダー Batoru Sarudā): Ninja Red's Beast General Fighter which performs the Saruder Claw (サルダークロー Sarudā Kurō), a double claw strike.
  • Beast General Fighter Battle Kark (バトルカーク Batoru Kāku): Ninja White's Beast General Fighter which performs the Kark Cut (カークカット Kāku Katto), a flying cross chop.
  • Beast General Fighter Battle Logan (バトルロウガン Batoru Rogan): Ninja Blue's Beast General Fighter which performs the Logan Kick (ロウガンキック Rōgan Kikku), a flying dropkick.
  • Beast General Fighter Battle Kumard (バトルクマード Batoru Kumādo): Ninja Yellow's Beast General Fighter form which performs the Kumard Head (クマードヘッド Kumādo Heddo), a flying headbutt.
  • Beast General Fighter Battle Gammer (バトルガンマー Batoru Ganmā): Ninja Black's Beast General Fighter which performs the Gammer Three Attack (ガンマースリーアタック Ganmā Surī Atakku), a series of palm strikes punctuated by backflips (first leap strikes once, second leap strikes twice, third leap strikes three times).

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