This article is about a/an army of footsoldiers in Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.
"We've programmed some new bots to help you. Introducing the Basherbots!"
Cosmo Royale introducing the new Basherbots[src]
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The Basherbots are the footsoldiers of the Galaxy Warriors in Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. They are, essentially, upgraded versions of the Kudabots.


The Basherbots are new soldiers much stronger than Kudabots, used by Galvanax and his monsters to destroy the Rangers. But the Rangers succeed to destroy them with theirs ranger's powers during many battles. Many of them fight with Galvanax in his final battle against the Rangers, whereas others help Madame Odius to destroy him as well as the Rangers. Galvanax Rises

After Galvanax's death, the Basherbots (these who work for Madame Odius) continue to serve Odius and fight the Rangers.

They participate at the final battle against the Rangers. Many of them are destroyed by the humans prisoners when they try to kill Sarah. Four are destroyed when Odius obtains her Super Nexus Star and complete her transformation. Others are destroyed offscreen when Victor and Monty do exploded the Warrior Dome Ship. Reaching the Nexus

But some Basherbots survived and obey Sledge after Wrench saves and reprograms them. They are all destroyed in the final battle against the Rangers. The Poisy Show

Powers and Ablilties


  • Pronged swords: They are armed with sasumata pronged swords for melee combats.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Unlike their Sentai counterparts, who were all Hitokarage who were upgraded, they appeared to be a different set of army instead of the same set of army with a different appearance. The only time the Hitokarage and the Jukkarage were seemingly a different set of army was in Ninninger's summer movie.
  • They are simply referred to as “Bashers” in the toyline.
  • The Basherbots appear in 12 episodes in "Super Ninja Steel".


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