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This article is about a/an set of weapons and vehicles in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.
The Hurricaneger Arsenal
Used by: Hurricanegers
Special System: Shinobi Medals
Ranger Weapon Systems
Production Order
Arsenal (Gaoranger)
Arsenal (Abaranger)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Hurricanegers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Hurricaneger series page as well as the team page of the Hurricanegers.

Transformation Devices

Hurricane Gyros

Main article: Hurricane Gyros

The Hurricanegers' transformation device.

Gourai Changers


Gourai Changers

Main article: Gourai Changer

The Gouraigers' transformation devices.

Shuriken Ball

Shurikenger's special device.


Shinobi Suits

Multi-Use Devices

Shinobi Medals

Shinobi Medals (忍びメダル Shinobi Medaru?): The Hurricaneger and Gouraiger, as well as Shurikenger, each possess their own personal Shinobi Medal on their changers. The Shinobi Medals are used by the Hurricaneger and Gouraiger to active their changers and also combine Senpuujin, and Gouraijin, or transform Tenkuujin. Special Shinobi Medals are used to summon the Karakuri Balls (excluding Senpuujin's version of the Sword Slasher which instead uses the Hurricanegers regular Shinobi Medals), giant containers that hold mini-mecha that serve mainly as weapons or tools, excluding Fuuraimaru and TriCondor which are used to combine the mecha into a greater formation.


Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru


Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru (Above: Rifle mode;
Middle: Hayatemaru itself; Below: Sheathed Hayatemaru)

Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru (携帯忍刀ハヤテ丸 Keitai Ninto Hayatemaru?): Standard sword-based sidearms of the Hurricanegers. Can be charged-up for an energized slash or combined with the sheath to form a blaster rifle.

The Hurricangers can use the Hayatemaru to execute the Super Ninja Art: Triple Thrust Dance (超忍法・乱舞三重衝 Chō Ninpō - Ranbu Sanjūshō?) and Typhoon Slash (台風 (タイフーン) 斬り Taifūn Giri?) attacks. Hurricane Red and Hurricane Yellow can team-up to execute the Hayate Way Secret Technique: Sky Land Slash (疾風流奥義・大空大地斬 Hayate Ryū Ōgi: Daikū Daichizan?) attack. Other attacks the Hurricangers can execute with the Hayatemaru are the following:

  • Hurricane Red: Hayate Way Sword Technique: Gale Slash (疾風流剣技・疾風斬 Hayate Ryū Kengi - Shipūzan?), Super Ninja Art: Thunder Blast Slash (超忍法・雷撃斬 Chō Ninpō - Raigekizan?), Hayate Way Sword Technique Single Stroke (疾風流剣技・一刀両断 Hayate Ryū Kengi Ittōryōdan?), and Kabuto Thunder Blast (カブト雷撃破 Kabuto Raigekiha?, with Kabuto Raiger).
  • Hurricane Blue: Hayate Way Sword Technique: Torrent Slash (疾風流剣技・激流斬 Hayate Ryū Kengi - Gekiryūzan?)
  • Hurricane Yellow: Hayate Way Sword Technique: Land Slash (疾風流剣技・大地斬 Hayate Ryū Kengi - Daichizan?), Super Ninja Art: Mine Blast (超忍法・地雷撃 Chō Ninpō - Jiraigeki?) and Super Ninja Art: Turbulence Slash (超忍法・乱れ斬り Chō Ninpō - Midaregiri?)

Assumable Staff Ikazuchimaru



Assumable Staff Ikazuchimaru (変幻自在棍イカヅチ丸 Hengenjizai Kon Ikazuchimaru?): Standard sidearms of the Gouraiger. A truly versatile weapon, it can be extended into Spear Mode (手槍モード Teyari Mōdo?) for melee combat, folded into Cross Mode (十字の型 Jūji no Kata?) to be thrown as a large shuriken, or opened into Circle Moon Mode (円月の型 Engetsu no Kata?), which generates an energy shield in its center.

The Gouraigers can use the Ikazuchimaru to execute the Ikazuchi Thunder Blast Slash (イカヅチ雷撃斬 Ikazuchi Raigekizan?) and Ikazuchi Turbulence Beating (迅雷乱れ打ち Ikazuchi Midareuchi?) attacks.

Kabuto Raiger can also execute the Kabuto Thunder Blast (カブト雷撃破 Kabuto Raigekiha?) and Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique: Thunder Blast Slash (迅雷流剣技・雷撃斬 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi - Raigekizan?) attacks. Once, Isshuu was also able to connect his Stag Breaker to the end of his Ikazuchimaru to use for the Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique: Thunder Fang Blow (迅雷流剣技・雷牙一撃 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi - Raiga Ichigeki?) attack.

Shuriken's Bat


Shuriken's Bat

Shuriken's Bat (シュリケンズバット Shurikenzu Batto?): Shurikenger's personal weapon, in the form of a Hayatemaru-sized katana with an oversize sheath. Other than being used as a sword, it can also be used as a baseball bat once combined with it's sheath, and was once used as a microphone. The Bat's special attack is to allow Shurikenger to hit a hoard of baseballs at his opponent while spinning rapidly in place.

By using it, Shurikenger can perform the Freezing Sword (冷凍剣 Reitōken?), Thawing Sword (解凍剣 Kaitōken?), Plasma Sword (プラズマ剣 Purazumaken?), Fire Sword (ファイヤー剣 Faiyāken?, (called Kaenken (火炎剣?) if in Fire Mode)), Sky Secret Hitting Practice Swinging Slash (天空秘打・素振り斬り Tenkū Hida Suburi Giri?), Super Ninja Art: Secret Hitting Thousand Knock (超忍法・秘打千本ノック Chō Ninpō - Hida Senbon Nokku?) with the Shuriken Ball, the variant Miracle Thousand Knock (ミラクル千本ノック Mirakuru Senbon Nokku?) also with the Shuriken Ball, and the Wing Ninja Sword Technique: Heavenly Slash (翼忍剣技・天空斬 Yokunin Kengi - Tenkūzan?) attacks.

The Bat can also be placed into Tenkuujin to be used as a control stick.


Hextuple Connection, Final Gadget

In the 10 YEARS AFTER movie, The Hurricangers, Gouraigers, and Shurikenger combine their weapons forming the Hextuple Connection, Final Gadget (十年の再結成、最終的なガジェット Jūnen no Sai Kessei, Saishū-Tekina Gajetto?), by placing the Ninjamisen on top of the Hurricanger & Gouraiger's Victory Gadget.

Quintuple Connection Victory Gadget

Quintuple Connection Victory Gadget (五重連ビクトリーガジェット Gojūren Bikutorī Gajietto?): This is the combination of the Triple Gadget (in the Quake Gadget formation) and Double Gadget. This is the most powerful team-based attack of the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers. This fires a ball of pure energy towards the target.

Triple Connection Triple Gadget

Triple Connection Triple Gadget (三重連トリプルガジェット Sanjūren Toripuru Gajietto?): This various combinations of the Hurricaneger's personal weapons can be used in three different functions. Each one has a different finishing attack depending on which weapon is in the front.

  • Dry Gadget (ドライガジェット Dorai Gajetto?) - Formed by placing the Dry Gun in front, Quake Hammer in the middle, and Sonic Megaphone in the back. It uses a fire-based finisher.
  • Sonic Gadget (ソニックガジェット Sonikku Gajetto?) - Formed by placing the Sonic Megaphone in front, Dry Gun in the middle, and Quake Hammer in the back. It fires a ball of intense, high-pitched sound waves.
  • Quake Gadget (クエイクガジェット Kueiku Gajetto?) - Formed by placing the Quake Hammer in front, Sonic Megaphone in the middle, and Dry Gun in the back. It summons a 100-ton weight to crush the opponent.
Dry Gun

Dry Gun (ドライガン Dorai Gan?): Hurricane Red's personal weapon. Based on a hair drier, it shoots a beam of superheated energy at opponents

Sonic Megaphone

Sonic Megaphone (ソニックメガホン Sonikku Megahon?): Hurricane Blue's personal weapon. Based on a megaphone, it generates sonic blasts that immobilize opponents.

Quake Hammer

Quake Hammer (クエイクハンマー Kueiku Hanmā?): Hurricane Yellow's personal weapon. It resembles a squeaky mallet and can be used for heavy hits to a opponent or to pound the ground in order to force any opponents hiding underground to the surface.

While wielding it, Hurricane Yellow can perform the Quake Hammer Hundred Strike (クエイクハンマー百連打 Kueiku Hanmā Hyakurenda?) and the Super Ninja Art #869 (超忍法869号 Chō Ninpō Happyakurokujūkyū-gō?) attacks.

Double Connection Double Gadget

Double Connection Double Gadget (二重連ダブルガジェット Nijuūren Daburu Gajietto?): This is the combination of the Gouraiger's personal weapons, with the Stag Breaker attached to the front of the Horn Breaker. It fires an super-charged electrical ball.

Horn Breaker

Horn Breaker (ホーンブレイカー Hōn Bureikā?): Kabuto Raiger's personal weapon. It is used as a gun based on a disk-shooting toy gun.

Stag Breaker

Stag Breaker (スタッグブレイカー Sutaggu Bureikā?): Kuwaga Raiger's personal weapon. This pincer weapon can be used to snare opponents and the zap them with electrical energy. It can also be attached to the Ikazuchimaru to serve as a blade of the Ikazuchi Breaker (イカヅチブレイカー Ikazuchi Bureikā?).

By using it, Kuwaga Raiger can perform the Super Ninja Art: Fang Run (超忍法・牙走り Chō Ninpō - Kiba Bashiri?) and Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique: Thunder Fang Flash (迅雷流剣技・雷牙一閃 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi - Raiga Issen?) attacks, the latter while duel-wielding the Stag Breaker with the Ikazuchimaru.

Providence Unified Armament Ninjamisen

Providence Unified Armament Ninjamisen (天下統一武奏ニンジャミセン Tenkatōitsu Busō Ninjamisen?): This shamisen-like instrument is primarily used to summon and control the Revolver Mammoth by using a Shinobi Medal to play it. Originally only Shurikenger could use it, but later in one of his disguises, he was able to teach the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers to learn how to control the Revolver Mammoth as well. It also has a gun mode, and with Shuriken's Bat, the Hurricanegers' Hayatemaru, or the Gouraigers' Ikazuchimaru, can be used to produce sonic waves.

The sound created by the Ninjamisen reflects the user's skill level. It would sound like a traditional shamisen if used by a novice (namely the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers), or an electric guitar if played by an experienced player (such as Shurikenger).

The individual attacks are the Red Sonic (レッドソニック Reddo Sonikku?) with Hurricane Red, the Blue Sonic (ブルーソニック Burū Sonikku?) with Hurricane Blue, the Yellow Sonic (イエローソニック Ierō Sonikku?) with Hurricane Yellow, the Kabuto Sonic (カブトソニック Kabuto Sonikku?) with Kabuto Raiger, the Kuwaga Sonic (クワガソニック Kuwaga Sonikku?) with Kuwagata Raiger, and the Shuriken Sonic (シュリケンソニック Shuriken Sonikku?) with Shurikenger.

The finisher attacks are the Shock Wave Sextet (衝撃波六重奏 Shōgekiha Rokujūsō?), and the Heavenly Wind Thunder Blast Wave (天風雷撃波 Tenpū Raigekiha?) when used alongside the Victory Gadget.

Nonuple Connection Super Dino Victory

"Victory Dino Dynamite!

In Abaranger VS Hurricanger, the Abarangers, Hurricangers and Gouraigers combine their weapons and formed the Nonuple Connection Super Dino Victory (九重連スーパーダイノ Kyūjūren Sūpā Daino Bikutorī?), by connecting the front section of the Super Dino Bomber to the end section of the Hurricangers & Gouraigers' Victory Gadget.

The finisher attack of the Super Dino Victory is the Hissatsu: Victory Dino Dynamite (必殺・クトリーダイノダイナマイト Hissatsu - Bikutorī Daino Dainamaito?) attack.

Special Weapons




Kiraimaru (鬼雷丸? lit. "Thunder Demon Circle"): The weapon of Ikki Kasumi, Ikkou and Isshuu's father, which was long sealed in a cave that was sought by Isshuu in hope of gaining more strength as Isshuu at the time had become disillusioned by the Gouraigers' alliance with the Hurricaneger. The Kiraimaru is a double-ended naginata which can slice through any object. Its power comes with a price: although the Kiraimaru is supposed to be used to fight enemies, unknown to Isshuu, it was changed by Ikki. It now damages the loved ones of the person who wields it whenever they use the Ikazuchi School's most powerful Ninja Art - the Ikazuchi Way Secret Technique: Kirai Blast (迅雷流奥義・鬼雷爆撃破 Ikazuchi Ryū Ōgi - Kirai Bakugekiha?). Isshuu found out the hard way during the battle against Gomubiron, but later deliberately snapped the Kiraimaru in half and used part of it to impale Gomubiron to effectively use the Kirai Blast.


Hurricane Wingers

See also: Ninja Gliders


Hurricane Wingers

Hurricane Wingers: Hang gliders that serve as the Hurricanegers transportation.

  • Red Winger (レッドウインガー Reddo Uingā?): Hurricane Red's Winger.
  • Blue Winger (ブルーウインガー Burū Uingā?): Hurricane Blue's Winger.
  • Yellow Winger (イエローウインガー Ierō Uingā?): Hurricane Yellow's Winger.

Bari Thunders


Bari Thunders

See also: Tsunami Cycles

Bari Thunders (バリサンダー Bari Sandaa?): Motorcycles that are used by the Gouraiger for transportation. In Episode 37 Kouta and Nanami had to learn to ride the Bari Thunders in order to rescue Ikkou and Isshuu who were trapped in Manmaruba's body after he evolved into his final form.

  • Bari Thunder Kabuto Type (バリサンダー・カブトタイプ Barisandā Kabuto Taipu?): Kabuto Raiger's motorcycle.
  • Bari Thunder Kuwaga Type (バリサンダー・クワガタイプ Barisandā Kuwaga Taipu?): Kuwaga Raiger's motorcycle.


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices



Special Weapons


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