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Bara Missiler (バラミサイラー Bara Misairā) is a Machine Beast of planet Dorara, working for the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

Bara Missiler is summoned by Bacchus Wrath from Dorara to deal with the Ohranger after the team gains Ohranger Robo to help them crush their main invasion fleet with ease. Using its missiles, it attacks civilian targets (including Juri's car) and cause collateral damage. The Ohranger have a hard time with it initially until OhRed uses its Star Riser to seemingly defeat it.

However its real tactics were brought forth when Bacchus Wrath reveals Acha and Kocha's upgrade, with the latter gaining a program to "upgrade" Machine Beasts to make them grow! Once giant and facing Ohranger Robo, it emits chains in order to drag the U.A.O.H. mecha into the sun and force the Ohranger to melt with their weapon. However, the team decides to use its multiple helmet options to escape, using Horn Head to destroy the chains and Vulcan Head to fly away from the sun and work their way back to Earth. Once on Earth, the team weaken Bara Missiler with Cannon Head and Graviton Head until using Wing Head's Crown Sword to finish it off.Ep. 8: Clash!! A Super Giant Battle

A second Bara Missiler was built by Bacchus Wrath as part of a scheme to enhance it with a special "Magma Enhancement" using the energy of magma to make it more powerful. After the Ohranger destroy Baranoia's Earth base performing the procedure, it gets into an aerial battle with Red Blocker, where it is easily defeated.Ep. 33: The Five Robos' Great Riot


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  • It's main arsenal are missiles that it possesses on shoulder cannons, using them to fire and destroy anything struck byt them; it likewise possesses chains in its torso that it uses to capture and constrict an opponent and the ability to fly at high speeds, including into outer space. A second version is granted a strengthening magma armor to protect it and make it more powerful; as well as being constructed giant size from the start.

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