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Bara Cactus 2 (バラカクタス 2 Bara Kakutasu 2) is a cactus-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia; it is the younger brother of Bara Cactus 1

Character History

Bara Cactus 2 is the younger brother of Bara Cactus 1, attempting to assist its brother in fighting the Ohranger and in its plans to turn humans more machine-like, but forced to withdraw due to getting in the way of his brother's work. After the first attack, Bacchus Wrath takes Bara Cactus 2 hostage to force Bara Cactus 1 to complete its duties. However while Bara Cactus 1 is fighting the Ohranger, the younger brother is killed and dissected by the Baranoia emperor both to teach the brothers a lesson and to understand how love and brotherhood can exist within Machine Beasts. When Bara Cactus 1 discovers this, he briefly rebels before he's beheaded with his head crushed under Bacchus Wrath's foot.


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  • It's main ability is its fighting ability, possessing similar skills and abilities to its older brother.

Behind the Scenes


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