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This article is about a/an monster in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.

Bara Cactus 1 (バラカクタス 1 Bara Kakutasu 1) is a cactus-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia; it is the elder brother of Bara Cactus 2

Character History

Bara Cactus 1 is the elder brother who is used as the main force in turning people into "machine-like beings" who gain abilities based on objects they ate. After infecting a younger brother with its pollen to become this state, he is forced to fight against the Ohranger on his own for the welfare of Bara Cactus 2 after it is held down by Bacchus Wrath from intervening. After the two human brothers unite, the Ohranger appear to defeat Bara Cactus 1 with their King Blasters. Though he escapes death, he returns to Baranoia Castle to discover his younger brother dead, dissected by Bacchus Wrath to study how they were able to have love for each other. When Bara Cactus 1 tries to turn against the Baranoia leader, he kills and beheads the Machine Beast, crushing his head as a reminder of the price both of failure and in letting emotions drive them.


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  • Aside from its fighting ability, Bara Cactus 1's main ability is a special pollen emitted from flowers on its shoulders; anyone who breathes in the pollen will gain the ability to eat objects and use whatever they eat as weapons to use for combat.

Behind the Scenes


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