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This article is about a/an monster in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

Balloon Ninja Gomubi-Ron (風船忍者ゴムビ・ローン Fūsennin Gomubiron?, 38): An ear-inspired balloon Chunin, Gomubi lived in a faraway galaxy and arrived in a package weeks after Satorakura contacted him to save a buck. Once on the job, Gomubi force-fed humans gummy rice patties that caused them to inflate like balloons, filling up with a miasma that would spread once his victims burst. Being made of rubber, Gomubi was immune to the Goraigers' lightning attacks and other physical attacks, with Kiraimaru an exception. Once Isshuu Kasumi broke the Kiraimaru, he was able to defeat Gomubi, freeing his victims. But Gomubiron was revived a giant and was killed by Revolver Gourai Senpuujin.


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