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Ballas is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast who not only emits electrical energy but more importantly can siphon energy from anywhere, including from power plants and from any attack by the Changeman. Due to the research of abducted Rigelian genius girl Nana realizing the need of energy to fix Gyodai's problems in creating growth, Ballas is used to steal energy from throughout the planet so that it can be used for a device to create pills for feeding the pink creature. The Changeman face him down and appear to strike him with the Power Bazooka, but he survives due to his own energy abilities and due to armor he wore that was blasted off from the hit. Although Gyodai finally begins to use his growth ray again, Ballas luckily was not hit (fearing he would be though he wasn't destroyed) and instead survives to look for the now lost Nana due to the Changeman destroying the projection making her believe she was on Rigel instead of Earth.Ep. 13: Papa Sells the Earth

After Gyodai wastes all of his initial growth energy upgrade, Ballas goes forth to siphon more energy for the food pills to improve him. When the Changeman face him, he appears to show no change to their attack; but the team finally discovers a means to stop him by attack him in five different directions at the same time; with no focus on one point of attack, Ballas can't respond and becomes weakened enough to be destroyed by the Power Bazooka. Gyodai repairs him with his growth energy alongside several lizards that he makes into giants; the Changeman initially deal with them in individual mechs, then use Change Robo to finish Ballas and the remaining lizard off.Ep. 14: Attack! Giant Lizards


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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