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This article is about a/an giant robo in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
DT Dino Stegazord
Combined From:
Sentai Show: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
First Appearance: Ep. 20: KillerOh, Abare Beginning!
Last Appearance: Ep. 48: The Final Abare Game
Number of Episode
12 (series)
1 (movie)
Full list of appearances
Length: m
Width: 26.2 m
Height: 49 m
Weight: 3700 t
Speed: 200 km/h
Power: 22,500,000

"Bakuryuu Fusion! KillerOh!"

KillerOh (キラー王 キラーオー Kirāō?, Killer King): When AbareKiller's Bakuryuu partners TopGaler and Stegoslidon combine, they form KillerOh. It has the Bakuryuu Hissatsu Death Stinger and Bakuryuu Hissatsu Death Combustion as its finishers. Other attacks are the Fillet Strike, Death Combustion Fire, and Big Bakuryuu Advance Attack. KillerOh can adopt all of the arm power-ups from the other relevant Bakuryuu. During the battle against Inextinguishable, AbareBlack piloted KillerOh in order to help save Mikoto who was trapped in Inextinguishable's body.

On one occasion KillerOh combined it's energies with AbarenOh and MaxOhJa for an energy attack to destroy Trinoid 1: Dragondoran. Its suit actor was Hirofumi_Fukuzawa.


Bakuryuu Stegoslidon

PRDT Stegazord
Bakuryuu Stegoslidon
Summoner: AbareBlack
Length: 45.6 m
Width: 20.6 m
Height: 24.5 m
Weight: 1500 tons

See also: Stegozord "Stego!"

Bakuryuu Stegoslidon (爆竜ステゴスライドン Bakuryū Sutegosuraidon?): A Stegosaurus nicknamed "Stego" (ステゴ Stego?), who could combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Slidon, serving as a surfboard. He can similarly attach to BakurenOh, and assumes the same position on Killer AbarenOh, Killer BakurenOh, and OoAbarenOh. He and TopGaler combine into KillerOh, in which Stego forms the main body and head. Originally on the Abarangers side, debuting in Ep. 16: Riding! Abare Surfing, he was later taken by AbareKiller temporarily via mind control, but after awaking with his own willpower (separating KillerOh in the process), he left only to return to AbareKiller's side by his own will so he could fight at his full potential. Stego seemed to be the only one to really care about Mikoto's life, aside from Lije/Lijewel, to the point that in Episode 42 when it was certain the Dino Minder would explode soon he contacted the Abarangers in secret so they could help save Mikoto's life. His personality is almost similar to Ptera, but he can be a dunce like Dimenoko from time to time. In the finale, Stego asked Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani why he was still on Earth.

Bakuryuu TopGaler

Dino Thunder Dragozord
Bakuryuu TopGaler
Summoner: AbareKiller
Length: 45.4 m
Width: 76 m
Height: 36.7 m
Weight: 2200 tons
Speed: Mach 1

See also: Dragozord "Top!"

Bakuryuu TopGaler (爆竜トップゲイラー Bakuryū Topugeira?): A Tupuxuara nicknamed "Top" (トップ Toppu?) who was sealed for destroying a major DinoEarth city. He was found and released by AbareKiller, whom he partnered with. He often employs his great speed in battle, which has been clocked at an astounding Mach 20. He calls Mikoto "human", as a sign of the no-affection relationship between both. His personality is a hardcore lone wolf like his master. Despite abandoning him after their one-on-one battle against MaxRyuuOh, he showed concern for his master when he came back to free him from Inextinguishable and agreed with Asuka's suggestion of letting him form KillerOh. He died along with AbareKiller near the finale, finally acknowledging him as a friend, but returned in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and combined with AbarenOh to become KillerAbarenOh. Form's KillerOh's limbs and the Gale Spear, or the wings of AbarenOh Galer or BakurenOh Galer and with Bakuryuu Gattai KillerOh, also assumes the same wing position for KillerAbarenOh, Killer BakurenOh, or OoAbarenOh. He ends his sentences with the word "Gera" (ゲラ?).


AbarenOh Slidon

BSA-AbarenOh Slidon
AbarenOh Slidon
Combined From:
Weight: 6000 tons

"Bakuryuu Combine! AbarenoSraidon!"

Stego can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Slidon, serving as a surfboard for the Bakuryuu Hissatsu Slider Attack finisher.

Killer AbarenOh

Ph02 07
Killer AbarenOh
Combined From:
Width: 76 m
Height: 62 m
Weight: 8200 tons
Power: 30,000,000

"Great Bakuryuu Fusion! KillerAbarenoh!"

Great Bakuryuu Fusion Killer AbarenOh (爆竜大合体キラーアバレンオー Bakuryū Dai Gattai Kirā Abaren'ō?, Killer Riot Union King): Formed when AbarenOh combines with Bakuryuu Top and Stego, initially to defeat BakurenOh, then appearing later in the series. It attacks by using Stego to slide down Bracho's tail, back, and neck, and then uses Bakuryuu Multi-Combine (爆竜マルチコンバイン Bakuryū Maruchi Konbain?), at attack which uses Kera, Tyranno, Bachycelo, Dimenoko, Ankylo, and Parasa as arms at an extremely fast rate before using the Flying Drill Spin (フライングドリルスピン Furaingu Doriru Supin?) finisher.

TopGaler can similarly combine with BakurenOh to form Killer Bakurenoh, though this is never seen in either the show or the film. In Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, Killer AbarenOh is formed without Stegoslidon and its finisher in the teamup is Gatling Drill Spin (ガトリングドリルスピン Gatoringu Doriru Supin?) attack by having the Dekaranger's Super Dekaranger Robo propel Killer Abarenoh forward with its Gatling Punch attack for its Flying Drill Spin instead of Stegoslidon.


Ph 02 09
Combined From:
Width: 76 m
Height: 62 m
Weight: 8350 tons
Speed: Mach 3
Power: 90,000,000

See also: Valkasaurus Megazord

"Strongest Bakuryuu Fusion! OoAbarenoh!"

Strongest Bakuryuu Fusion Oo-AbarenOh (爆竜最強合体オオアバレンオー Bakuryū Saikyō Gattai Ō Abaren'ō?, Great Riot Union King): Created when AbarenOh combines with Stego, Top, the two RhamphoGold, and SpinoGold. It was only used once in the series to destroy the Killer Giganoid. Its finisher is the Bakuryuu Hissatsu Oo-Abare Full Throttle ( Bakuryuu Hissatsu O Abare Furu Surottoru?).

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