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This article is about a/an CD-exclusive in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

Bakuryuu Firenokodon (爆竜ファイヤーノコドン, Bakuryū Faiyānokodon): A special CD-Exclusive dimetrodon that hatched at Hawaii. It can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nokodon Fire, forming a buzzsaw arm. It could similarly attach to the other robo combinations. Firenokodon never appeared in the main show.

AbarenOh Nokodon Fire

"Bakuryuu Combine! AbarenoNokodonFire!"

Firenokodon can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nokodon Fire, by replacing the Tyrano Drill with a buzzsaw arm for the Bakuryuu Hissatsu Burning Cutter (Bakuryuu Hissatsu Baningu Katta) finisher.

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