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"Fusion, Carnoryutus, Chasmoshieldon! Complete, BakurenOh!"
"Come out!"

The Legendary Fearsome Bakuryuu CarnoRyutus & ChasmoShieldon, were evil Bakuryuu that intended to turn DinoEarth into an icy wasteland. However, Princess Freezia's sacrifice sealed them into icy prison. But the Invasion Garden Evolians originally intended to control them, sending them to Another-Earth, but Dimensional Bard Garuvuidei stole part of the Baku Laser from them. Once he obtained the other half, the Fearsome Bakuryuu arrived to Tokyo in the movie. The other Bakuryuu fought off the two in vain as Garuvuidel had them combine to form BakurenOh (バクレンオー Bakuren'ō, Blast Union King). Bakurenoh could use its sword to slice off Abarenoh's drill-arm and use it as its own to form Bakurenoh Twin Drill before the other Bakuryuu forced it to give it back. Bakurenoh was soon defeated by KillerAbarenoh, sinking into the bottom of Tokyo Bay until it was revived by DezumoVoorla, using the evil of humanity, to make it an ideal body for Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya. Soon it was defeated again by AbarenOh and MaxOhJa then sinks into the bottom of Tokyo Bay once again.

Appearances: Movie, 48


Bakuryuu CarnoRyutus

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Bakuryuu CarnoRyutus (爆竜カルノリュータス Bakuryū Karunoryūtasu): A Carnotaurus, one of the Legendary Fearsome Bakuryuu with the same attacks as Tyranno as well as a freezing breath attack. Forms the majority of BakurenOh: the head, body, left arm, and legs, and the blade of the Double Tail Sword .

Detaches and donates his tail to another robo combination to add "Drill" suffix to the name, or with the Tyrannosaurus' tail, the "Twin Drill" suffix.

Appearances: Movie, 48

Bakuryuu ChasmoShieldon

Bakuryuu ChasmoSealdon (爆竜カスモシールドン Bakuryū Kasumoshīrudon): A Chasmosaurus, one of the Legendary Fearsome Bakuryuu with the same attacks as Kera as well as a freezing breath attack. Forms BakurenOh's right arm and shield and the handle of the Double Tail Sword.

Becomes a right arm on another combination to add the "Shieldon" suffix, though this is never used in the footage.

Appearances: Movie, 48



  • In the toyline, Bakurenoh doesn't have alternate Ptera, but only American toy-exclusive and also any combination.


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