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Babe Ruthless was a one-horned baseball-esque pixie/ogre monster created by Finster who accompanies Goldar in his turn to conquer the rangers. After mercilessly clobbering the individual zords, the Rangers form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. A short battle ensues, but Babe Ruthless's attacks aren't as successful, with some even being returned. Eventually, he is destroyed by the Dragonzord Battle Mode, being impaled through his stomach, leaving a sizzling perforated hole, causing him to fall over dizzily and explode.


  • His name is a play on legendary baseball player George Herman "Babe" Ruth.
  • His name is shared with the fictional character Bliss "Babe Ruthless" Cavendar, a member of the banked-track Texas Roller Derby's "Hurl Scouts" team in the 2009 film Whip It, as well as a real roller derby skater (active as of 2015 with the Texas Rollergirls flat track derby league). Both the fictional and real rollergirls were named long after this episode aired.

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