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"Chi-Power Transform! Aura Changer!"

Aura Changer (オーラチェンジャー Ōra Chenjā): The two-piece transformation brace of the five Dairangers which also sparks their Chi. It is activated by extending a key from the right piece, called Aura Gather (オーラギャザー Ōra Gyazā) and inserting it into the left piece, called Aura Spreader (オーラスプレッダー Ōra Supureddā). After this, the Aura Gather sparks the energy that is concentrated and condensed into the Aura Spreader, immobilizing metallic ions in the air, materializing the Dairen Suits, and thus transforming the user into a Dairanger. The transformation call is "Chi-Power Tenshin, Aura Changer!" (気力転身! オーラチェンジャー Kiryoku Tenshin Ōra Chenjā). The left piece can also be used as a communication device. Whoever at the headquarters can communicate to the Aura Changers through a two-way talk radio.

In most of the episodes, during the henshin, the Dairanger Symbol appears spinning until zooming and manifesting on the suits(and then going straight to the roll call) as seen in this video, while in others the sequence simply shows the Dairangers glowing surrounded ranger-colored energy with a burst of white light covering them and their suits are already manifested.

The Copy Dairangers likewise had Aura Changers; however Copy Empress had to perform the transformation pose in order for the copies to become Dairanger.Ep. 25: The Grouped Opposite Squadron

Transformation Sequence (Movie and Some Episodes)


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