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At All Cost is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. This marks the first appearance of the Defender Vest & the Cement Driver.


Ronny's competitive streak is in full swing when Hartford introduces the experimental Drill Blaster. To power the new Defender Vest, the Rangers must secure a dragon scale, but Moltor won't make that easy as he wants the scale for his new monster. Can the Rangers find the scale and tame the Drill Blaster or will Moltor win?


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  • The dragon scale which completes the Defender Vest is from Fireheart, the dragon from Power Rangers Mystic Force. Toby Slambrook is indirectly mentioned by Andrew Hartford as the record store owner who he purchased the scale from having heard reports of a magical dragon outside Briarwood.
  • This is the first episode that Ronny does her roll call in American footage while the rest of the rangers do theirs in the Japanese footage. However a small bit of her Japanese pose is still shown.
  • When Mack calls for the Zords, he names them Go 1, Go 2, Go 3, Go 4 and Go 5, referencing Boukenger because in the sentai, they were called the GoGo Vehicles.
    • To top it off, Mack also says "Go Go Go" the same thing that the Boukenger's Accellulars said when summoning the GoGo Vehicles.

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