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This article is about a/an morpher in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era.
Astro Morpher
In Space
Used by: Space Rangers
Produced by: Andros
Production Order
Turbo Morphers

The Astro Morpher is the key that morphs its user into a Power Ranger. There are 5 Astro Morphers, one for each core member of the Space Rangers. By pressing a button the Astro Morpher's lid opens up to reveal a 12 button keypad. Pressing certain 3 number combinations followed by the enter button (which activate four red lights), will allow the Power Ranger to do several things. These features are as follows.

Astro Morphers were wrist-mounted gadgets worn by the five core Space Rangers, developed on KO-35 and given to the former Turbo Rangers by Andros. These featured a more utilitarian design and were the first multi-functional Morphers, utilized for summoning the team’s vehicles and Zords as well as morphing and communication via entering 3-digit codes into a numerical keypad.

Morphing Sequences and other codes

It should be noted, that in the show, the only code ever seen used is "3-3-5", the other codes, while seen listed on the morpher, are never entered. The toy version also has another code programmed in allowing the user to play a "Simon Says" type game where the morpher calls out a number, and the player enters the number. This continues in an increasingly faster manner, and has four "lives" (the red lights) that allow the player four mistakes. The code for the game is 9-1-2. There is also a "sound icon" button to alert the Rangers.

  • 3-3-5: the input code that enables the user to morph into a Power Ranger.
  • 2-5-9: the input code to summon the Ranger's Galaxy Glider.
  • 7-6-1: input code ordering Megaship to deploy the Mega Tank.
  • 1-0-8: input code to link up with D.E.C.A.
  • 5-4-1: the input code to summon the Astro Megazord.

To morph, the Rangers would call “Let’s Rocket!”, open their Morphers’ lids, and enter the code ‘3-3-5-Enter’.

According to T.J.'s Identity Crisis, pressing the button "0" will teleport the rangers to the last known location.








  • The first morphing sequence by all 5 of the Space Rangers showcase the ranger's human identity with their eyes closed before opening them to look at the screen prior to the morph. This was never repeated for subsequent morphing instances, likely due to the sequence timing lasting for too long. Zhane never received a headshot because of this. But it appeared in both episodes of their team ups with the Galaxy Rangers.

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