This article is about a/an zord in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .
Artillatron Cockpit

Artillatron cockpit

Artillatron was the Zord of the Phantom Ranger and used as a Carrierzord of the Rescuezords. It had several storage compartments for each Zord, and could detach its arm cannons to be used by the Rescue Megazord. It may still lie dormant on Earth. Artillatron did have what appeared to be a warrior mode, though it was never used for combat, but supplies the Megazords with two cannons that also served as Artillatron's arms.

In the series, Artillatron was never referred to by name by the Rangers. In the toyline, Artillatron was called the Turbo Transport.

Zords carried

Warrior Mode



  • The Artillatron toy was capable of storing the Turbo Zords in place of the Rescue Zords, however this was never demonstrated in the show itself.
  • Although Artillatron has a vast and elaborate cockpit, it is only seen once, and never in actual use.

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