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The following is a list of weapons, and other tools used by the Jaden Sentai Neziranger, the evil counterparts of the Denji Sentai Megaranger.



See also: Psycho Sword

The NeziSaber is the personal weapon of NeziRed, and his counterpart to MegaRed's Drill Saber.


See also: Psycho Rod

The NeziRod is the personal weapon of NeziBlack, and his counterpart to MegaBlack's Mega Rod.


See also: Psycho Axe

The NeziTomahawk is the personal weapon of NeziBlue, and his counterpart to MegaBlue's Mega Tomahawk.


See also: Psycho Sling

The NeziSling is the personal weapon of NeziYellow, and her counterpart to MegaYellow's Mega Sling.


See also: Psycho Bow

The NeziArrow is the personal weapon of NeziPink, and her counterpart to MegaPink's Mega Capture.


See also: Psycho Silverizer

MegaSilver wielded this version of his own Silver Blazer when posing as a fake NeziSilver.


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