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Armored Wheel Go-roader GT (装甲車輪ゴローダーGT, Sōkō Sharin Gorōdā Jī Tī) is the wheel-like robot created by Hiroto and Jum-bowhale, the Tokon Soul (トーコンソウル, Tōkon Sōru, [ζ]) developed in collaboration with Renn or the Engine Soul is set in it and it transforms into a Action Mode (アクションモード, Akushon Mōdo) from a palm-sized Wheel Mode (ホイールモード, Hoīru Mōdo). Although it had repeated a reckless run with the defective Power Soul (パワーソウル, Pawā Sōru) which was created by Hiroto, it completed with the Tokon Soul.

With the Engine Souls, GoRoader GT transformed into a human-sized Action Mode and with the Tokon Soul, it transformed into a large-sized Action Mode. Since a human-sized Action Mode exhausts the energy of Engines very much, it can't be kept for a long time. A large-sized Wheel Mode performs the GoRoader Strike (Goroda Sutoraiku) attack with Engine-O G9's G9 Grand Prix.


Go-Roader GT's suit actor was Yūichi Hachisuka (蜂須賀祐一, Hachisuka Yuichi).


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